Banana Bread

Linda Fischer from Julia Aitken’s Baker’s Secret Cook book.

This recipe is the best!  Absolutely great!  I just made this last week but at 1 1/2 times the recipe.  The changes were easy to make, and the taste was fabulous.  My guests to my party really enjoyed the cake.  I baked it in a tube pan and then cut the cake into wedges.  I buttered one side lightly and then placed them leaning on each other on the bottom tier of a cake and cookie platter.  The butter kept the cake from getting too dry and I just like the taste of some butter on Banana Bread.  But I don’t often butter it, just for special events!

Oven temp: 325 F

Bake Time: 60 min, sometimes more.  Watch for it to pull from the sides of the pan.  Usually takes longer to bake on humid days!

Method:  okay, my method is different from Linda’s method per the cookbook.  Her method works great but is time consuming.  So I’ll just do mine.  Please remember I have a Kitchen Aide Mixer.  Don’t burn out your mixer motor using my method if it is a less ‘sturdy’ mixer, just make this as you would any other cake!

In bowl place:

1/2 cup butter, fresh out of fridge but diced up a bit

2/3 cup sugar

Cream the two well, then add:

1 large egg, blend into the above well.

Next peel and put in:

2 very ripe bananas

Once the above is well combined measure into your mixer in the following order:

1 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder (place on top of the flour)

1 tsp baking soda (also on top of the flour)

Shielding yourself, carefully turn on the mixer, after a few turns slowly turn up the speed.

Once well blended, but don’t over blend, turn into buttered loaf pan.  But if using a stoneware loaf pan that is seasoned, you don’t have to butter it first!

Optional: Sprinkle with 1 tbsp fresh walnut pieces.

Note: walnuts are one of the least expensive nuts but they go rancid very fast.  If they have been in your cupboard more than one season don’t use them here!  You can toss them in as stir fry sometime.  It will take out the bitter flavour but Banana bread is too mellow of a flavour for strong walnuts!

1 1/2 recipe fills a tube pan very nicely.  Tastes great warm and cooled!

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