Fluffy Pancakes

These are fantastic pancakes. Taken from the Joy of Cooking. My MIL gives these a two thumbs up. I double the recipe every single time, so I’ll give the doubled amounts in brackets. I find the measurements more natural.

They taste great in the toaster the next day and we usually have enough for another meal.

We had these today for supper as we had the full sized lunch for Thanksgiving.

3 filled me just fine.

Method: mix the dry and wet separate and combine in a few quick strokes. Allow to sit for about 5 min. I use a 1/2 cup scoop to portion size my pancakes. The scoop has a lever so it dumps out the batter nicely.

Note: I have made this batter large enough to feed 300 people before. It can be easily done and works well enough provided you have industrial sized mixers and such!


1 1/2 cup flour [3 cups flour]

1 tsp salt [1 tsp salt, not an error]

3 tbsp sugar [6 tbsp sugar]

2 tsp baking powder [4 tsp baking powder]


2 eggs [4 eggs]

1 1/4 – 1 1/3 cup milk [2 1/2 – 2 2/3 cup milk]

3 tbsp vegetable oil [6+ tbsp vegetable oil]

This takes about 20 min from start to cooking of the pancakes. I find that since it is a ‘thicker’ pancake you need the heat lower than you would.

Note: if you like thinner pancakes, go for the added milk and even add more!

Note: if you like crepe type pancakes, don’t use this recipe I have a different one!

Edited to Add: Here is my most current variation of this recipe. It is light, fluffy and very yummy!

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