Heard Hereabouts this Weekend

“Mom, can I use the ladder?”

“What are you doing?”

“Well, um, my Frisbee landed on the roof of the garage and I’d like to get it down.”

“Okay, I guess. BUT use a broom to knock it off and whatever you do, DO NOT GO ON THE ROOF OF THE GARAGE!”

“Okay, sure, no problem Mom, I PROMISE!!!”

The children are literally 15 feet away from me. I am painting the garage door and they are located just around the corner.

I hear some thumping. Then some grunting. Then I hear some talking. No big deal.

Some time passes.

I hear:

“Hold on, don’t MOVE! I’ll go get some bricks. That should make it high enough.”

“What are you guys doing?”

“Getting the Frisbee down Mom!”

“Do I have to come over?”


“I’m coming over!”

“Seriously MOM! Its okay!”

As I round the corner I see several cinder blocks on top of our inexpensive 6 ft ladder. Sitting on the edge of the roof of the garage, my daughter. Ducking around the corner of the garage farthest away from myself, my son.

“Didn’t I SAY No going on the roof of the garage?”

Says the voice coming around the corner of the garage, “Well actually you said I couldn’t go on the roof of the garage. Which was fine because it was too far from the top of the ladder to the roof for me to jump up, but I was strong enough to lift No. 2 onto the top of the garage.”

“Get your butt over here and put these bricks away!!! What on earth were you thinking! You knew I wouldn’t …. ARGH!!!!”

“Mom, I’m scared!”

“Don’t worry I’ll get you down safe, but then you’d better get scared!”

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2 Responses to Heard Hereabouts this Weekend

  1. Elaine says:

    Got them on the technicality. Kids…arg!

  2. teresab01 says:

    You are so funny!! So, I guess they got the frisbee?? 🙂

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