Oh Brenda!

Oh Brenda! I have a toy for you!

I believe this is what you are looking for:


I have a friend that has this… she endorses this program! She has the scanner and everything.

And it’s on your computer! Better? No?!?!

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5 Responses to Oh Brenda!

  1. BrendaS says:

    Yes, better! I will have the resident computer techie have a look at that one for me. It looks good!!!!!!

    Right now said techie is in bed with a major headache & a sick stomach. Can you believe that? On a Saturday no less!!!!!!!

    Thanks for doing the research! I’ll check it out!!!!!

    Oh…and how nice to have my name in a blogity heading! I feel so, so…SPECIAL! 🙂


  2. BrendaS says:

    …and look at that cute scanner! I, being blonde and all, thought it came WITH the $40 program! hahaha!

    Apparently, you get to pay an extra $145 for that there scanner! YIKES!!!!!!! I guess I would be doing a lot of typing ISBN numbers by HAND!!!!!!!


  3. songbirdy says:

    I believe you can use the Cue Cat to scan with this program too.

    So… hold your horses! I’m going to check out how much Cue Cats cost at Chapters and will get back to you.

    And if I see any of those loaf pans I will get you two.

  4. Elaine says:

    I’ve seen that program before.
    You can use it to keep track of your movies as well.

    Not sure that I’m ready for that though especially since I don’t even have a place to put all my books at this time.

  5. gingerporter says:

    Actually I have the program for our books and movies. Brenda if you keep an eye out and wait till Christmas….they run it on sale for $129-139…canner included. That was what we paid last year when we bought it.

    I love , love, love this thing!!!!! We have a little over 5000 books and there was no way I was hand typing all that in…:-)

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