Been Dieting

So I’ve been dieting on my computer time.  Its been good.

I have several knitting projects that I’d like to finish sooner than later.  Including sweaters for my children that I promised for them by their birthdays.

My son’s sweater is knitted and awaiting assembly.

I knitted the back of DD’s sweater yesterday, and should at least get a front panel done today.  But I have two rather long meetings tonight, so we shall see!


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3 Responses to Been Dieting

  1. Elaine says:

    You’re doing better than me, though at times I feel like I’m starving my computer time 🙄

    Like right now I’ve got like 70 blogs to catch up on :surprise:

    Will you be taking pictures of the finished projects?

  2. songbirdy says:

    Well, my mother has my camera at the moment. But if and when I get it back and upload the driver to this computer then possibly yes, lol!

  3. Desia says:

    It is wonderful that you knit for your children! I used to love knitting too.
    I think the time we live in has robbed us of some pleasurable, but very useful arts or crafts, like knitting and sewing e.g.
    If you can buy something for cheaper than making it by hand, it feels as if you are ’wasting’ time, and that is where we are probably wrong, because it is such a good feeling of accomplishment when you finish something useful such as a sweater or a dress etc.
    As children most of our clothes and sweaters were handmade, many kids’ were, and now it has become a novelty.

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