The “What’s Been Going On” Post

It has been a busy week.  Then again, 9 times out of 10 the week is busy so that is not a huge surprise to me.  Even though my weeks are calendar empty, they are activity full.

Early in the week we bought my Grandfather’s Dining room table and his very large wall unit.  Grandpa was kind of cute about the whole thing.  He’s moved into a Retirement village apartment.   It was unfortunately one of those ‘messy’ moves.  Grandpa is in his early 80’s but has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  My parents bought Grandpa’s farm 8 years ago and remade the interior of the home to include a nice apartment for Grandpa.

Last year Grandpa set fire to 10 appliances.  We’d be over to visit and see him leave to town 10 times in a visit.  He’d come back and say, “I was making sandwiches and I forgot I didn’t have any butter.”

Later on, “Well, I was cleaning up the dishes and I didn’t have any dishsoap.”

Still a bit later, “Well, then I needed some more coffee.  Do you want to come over for coffee, because then I need to go get some cookies.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Finally my parents told him that they were kicking him out.  This was hard especially since my mother’s two sisters think that Grandpa was fine.  Well, to solve this my parents went on a long camping trip this early summer.  After they returned my Aunts told Grandpa that they too supported him needing to move to a place that offered more care and close amenities.

We are hoping that Grandpa will adjust well.  His sister lives in the same complex and hopefully that will help.

Anyways, since I’ve just gone nicely aside, I really wanted to buy Grandpa’s furniture.  But having just bought the house and all made it kind of not realistic.  I mentioned this in passing to my Aunt who lives about a 15 minute walk from our home.  She must have said something to Grandpa because one morning she called me and told me to get on the phone with Grandpa immeadiately.

Grandpa stated that he wanted to give us the furniture but felt it would cause a rift between the cousins.  So what would I pay for the items.  Since DH and I had discussed this I could give our offer.  Grandpa accepted and my parents delivered the furniture that evening.

This is the nicest furniture that we have ever owned.  But now I had to rearrange everything.  What a lot of work!  But its done!!!

Saturday the kids and I tackled their bedrooms.  My DS and I sat down and sorted out his Legos and Bionicles.  He doesn’t own many of the said items but wasn’t playing with what he had because he couldn’t find the pieces in his selection.

Then we separated his race track and Playmobile.  I put them into tubs for under bed storage, labelled with my ‘handy dandy’ hand label machine.  Half of his toys, which again is less than many other children’s toys, have been put in the basement to switch up.

DD is much better at organizing her toys and playing with them.  So her toys were all sorted into bins and labelled with cute tags from my scrapbook supplies.  Then we made her a ‘pretty’ shelf with flowers, baskets and such for her ‘beauty supplies.’

So in quick summary.  The bookshelves in the living room have gone one to each child’s room.  The one in the DS’s room is his to use.  The one in DD’s room is mine for school supplies.  My $25 set of drawers is now in DD’s room and is also mine except for a few drawers which holds the DD’s ‘menagerie.’  Which actually means her lingerie but she can’t be corrected of her word choice at the moment.

Dh’s computer and desk is on the porch.  And he hasn’t been using it.  He hasn’t said the laptop is a better computer but then again he is logging on the hours here.

I still have to sort out my Sewing area, but my scrapbook supplies are organized, the school stuff is organized, the toys and games are organized, the craft supplies are organized, the linens are organized, knitting supplies are organized, my desk is organized, etc.  So this week has been very productive.

I also found time to knit up a sweet little sweater for a friends baby, start the design of my first sweater pattern for my baby nephew, and do a fair amount of knitting on the DS’s sweater.

We also did a nice evening of walking.  I think it was about 18 kilometres.  I am thrilled with how well the kids did.  I asked them if they wanted to go to Tim Hortons for timbits.  What I forgot to mention that I was going to take us wandering about and miss about 10 Tim Hortons between our house and where we ended up!  😆  But no matter we had fun watching construction vehicles on our road.

I think that is pretty much everything.  In all the hustle and bustle, I kept up with the housework except the dishes.  So DH and I spent Sunday afternoon washing up a fair amount of dishes.  About 2 days worth.  😆  No harm, no foul!  Knitting is much more important than dishes 😉

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2 Responses to The “What’s Been Going On” Post

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m glad that it was a good week.

    When do we get to see the pictures of the new furniture?? 😉

  2. celticmuse says:

    yep it was a busy week but so happy from your post. Very excited for you.

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