Incredible Opportunity

I have been handed an incredible opportunity. One that I am loath (our word of the day in V-a Family Home School) to pass.

A woman in our local home school network posted that she had just finished schooling the last of her 4 children (3 sons & youngest was her daughter) and had decided to part with the majority of their school supplies, books and addendum. Basically everything they used from Grades 4 – 8.

I wrote back to her immediately and said that I was very interested and could I come and look at her books to see what I would like to purchase.

Well, let me tell you. When I looked at the few books she had for the younger years and realized that I already owned those books and her copies were well loved and read from their appearance, I knew I was going to like her books.

I sat there and looked and looked. We are talking a pile of supplies. I started picking and ended up desiring so many of her supplies.

Finally I sat back and told her, “Look, what would you ask for the whole lot? I’m not asking you to tell me now please talk with your husband. But I’ve liked almost everything here and so many of them are parts of sets and I’d hate to pick apart things and then decide later on that I really would have loved the resources I’d left.”

The truth is, she was a strong Charlotte Mason style teacher and what she didn’t follow in Mason style were things that I have deviated from as well.

I told her I would also have to be talking to my husband on the issue since he’s very ho-hum about Home School since he sincerely believes we can find an extra $10,000 a year to send them to the private Christian school nearby. But since I do the bill paying and juggling each month I know we can’t.

She gave me a call this afternoon. She’d let me have the lot for $500. Yes, that is a chunk of change, but I’d be basically set for both of our children for over 4 years! That is a massive bargain in my opinion.

That is 4 grades per 2 students @ $10,000 per year, or $80,000.  OR 4 grades per 2 students @ $500 plus extras at say $500 a year for both students, or $2500.  You’d need to add the cost of items for the intervening years, since DS is in Grade 3, I’d need supplies to get him through the rest of the year since I am short a few items for this year.  I’ve chosen non-consumable materials for the most part with a few workbooks needing replacement so say another $500.  So Christian School – $80,000; Home School – $3000.  Even if I were to base the costs on what I’d spent so far, not including costs I’ve put toward school room supplies like white boards, cork boards, etc, I’d hit a total of approximately $7000 for the next 5 years.  So to me the finances, which are a big factor to him, lean toward Home School in my opinion.

My husband heard my side of the phone call, since in our cosy domain nothing goes unheard or unseen. He asked what she wanted, and I gave a minimal description and the price.

He didn’t say a word and avoided me all evening. Basically, he knows if he says yes he is committing to the Home School Adventure for the next 6 years, minimum.

I am so excited about this possibility. Since she told me she’d accept payments I am so tempted to tell her I’d buy the lot and then take the money away from my groceries. This could be done easily, but I don’t want to do this without Joshua’s consent. To me it is on par with having an affair.

Anyhow… Please pray for wisdom in this situation. I don’t want my enthusiasm for this opportunity to drive the wedge against Home Schooling in my husband’s heart. I can live with having to approach the subject yearly, but I would dance if he would come on board in this huge way. Ask that I have patience and understanding. The poor man has had so many changed placed upon him this year. I know he has already been so stretched. Pray that we do God’s will in this situation!
Thank You!

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8 Responses to Incredible Opportunity

  1. Desia says:

    That is a wonderful opportunity Songbirdy, but I do understand that you want your husband’s full approval as well – will pray for you about this. It is only this past year, when I homeschooled our yongest for her grade 9 year, that I’ve become pro-home school. I hope your husband will eventually come around.

  2. gingerporter says:

    Wow…It would be tempting to do it without his permission but the right thing to do is to let the Lord work on his heart so that he and you are in agreement.

    Email me about third grade material….I have lots of stuff I could give you.

  3. appliejuice says:

    That is a good deal, I think. I hope you and your husband come up with the right agreement on this. I don’t like to buy in advance, because I never know if I am going to still like what I have. I like change for the most part. LOL

  4. Dr. Pepper says:

    Be very careful purchasing that far in advance. What works now for your children may not work later on. I have purchased duplicate materials for ds everytime I purchased materials for my dd and guess what?? I may not be able to use it because ds is totally different from his sister in his learning style.

    It does sound like an awesome deal!!

  5. Elaine says:

    I too will be praying for you. You are right in consulting w/your husband on this and seeking God’s will.

  6. kimhsmom says:

    Praying for ya hun, Keep us updated…

  7. heathertopia says:

    That does sound like a great deal 🙂 ….Praying for you! ((Hugs))

  8. It sounds like a great deal, I will be praying that Dh and you can come to an agreement about HS.

    I have to agree with others about purchasing so far in advance. I have things for DD that I purchased a year or more ago that I have forgotten about and ended up buying duplicates.

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