Computer Screen Memory Washing Driver

So, I seem to have installed a new Driver/Device on our computer.  That or its spyware…

Recently I’ve been doing a fair amount of knitting.  I always enjoy the lovely deep thoughts that I find rolling around when I’m on a good stretch of k1, p1 or st st.  [a little code there for y’all]  And then I thinks to myself, this would make an excellent topic for discussion, as I really do wonder what you’d think of it!

So the next time I’m on this lovely computer I click ‘new post’ and then when up it comes…

See?  And they were really good thoughts too!  Really insightful and full of wit, banter, and you would have enjoyed reading them.

sigh!  😦


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3 Responses to Computer Screen Memory Washing Driver

  1. Elaine says:

    Since I try to read your blog very faithfully I know that I would have enjoyed your comments on knitting.

    Sometimes when I figure that I’ll be doing a lot of reading on line I’ll bring my crochet to the desk and do that while I read. Of course I only bring projects where I know the pattern very well – other wise I either get so engorossed in my reading that I forget to crochet or I get so caught up in my pattern that I don’t read and my computer goes into power saving mode (requires me to type in password to get back to where I was 🙄 )

  2. Desia says:

    I do my best and most eloquent thinking when I’m doing a rather mundane chore like vacuuming or painting walls or such, how ’they’ can say housewives don’t think, I don’t know!

  3. I think we have that program on my computer also! I think of things that I need to do online, sit down in front of the computer and….visit my friends blogs. Then I move on, until I remember again what it was I was supposed to do on the computer.

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