Went Canoeing

Yesterday the Hubby decided was the day.

We live close to a river in Guelph.  There are beautiful trails along the river which we often cycle or walk.  There are great play structures that our kids just love to go to and spend hours playing on.

There is also an enterprising young lady and her brother who own several canoe’s and kayaks and rent them out by the hour.  They also have all the paddles and life jackets right there.

Since we live so close to the river, we’ve talked about eventually buying a canoe of our own.  We love the idea.  Yesterday was a good way to see if the idea and the reality would work 😆

The daughter was slightly afraid.  Enough afraid to make her a good passenger.  She sat still.

The boy wasn’t afraid after a few minutes.  He was a horrible passenger.  HE decided we had a lazy boy canoe, so he’d lean right against one side tipping the canoe over.  Naturally I was right in front and so I’d know he was changing sides by the wrenching feeling of the canoe tipping.  It didn’t help I had a cracked seat.  After a few minutes it was time to flip over to the other side.

That and he had a comment for everything.

The hubby kind of annoyed me at the beginning.  He said pick a side and we’d row.  So I did.  But he decided he should flip sides all the time.  Which lead to the effective zig zag approach to the river ‘forging’ as the boy called it.  By ourselves this would be fine.  But there were about 10 other boats we passed.  Or rather they passed us.  Finally I told him to stick to one side, I’d stick to the other.  Then we could either row or not row depending on the direction.  That seemed to work very well.

A highlight for me was the river heron we saw.  Very close.  On the way back we went around the two islands we passed opposite to the way we went up the river.  [up is against the flow, and down is with the river in my humble opinion]  The heron was about 1 paddle length from our canoe.  It stood there looking at us, and we at it.  Mind you the boy wasn’t sitting quietly.  Nope… but the bird stayed!

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One Response to Went Canoeing

  1. Elaine says:

    With my fear of the water I don’t think that I would be going out on a river w/ my kids in a canoe. You’re a brave woman.

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