It seems that in this day and age of consumerism we might be heading into the “Cold War” Paranoia regarding Chinese produced products.

To date, this has not affected this family.  We’ve been living with less.  I haven’t bought the family new clothes in ages.  I figure by the time we get the clothes, most of the ‘bad stuff’ that we are now being told to watch out for has been washed out.  That, and the rest of our clothes are home-made and as far as I can tell my fabrics aren’t from China.

Our toys… well I’ve been policing what comes into our house due to our space restrictions.  We’ve got Lego or Playmobile toys.   There are a few dolls which I will check but other than that we don’t have many more toys.  Nor am I going to be looking to buy more.

That being said.  We have had far more exposure to harmful chemicals lately because of us moving into this house and my painting work.  I’ve been painting my mother’s house lately, which is why I haven’t been posting.  But as far as I’m concerned the chemicals I’ve been handling are far more potent than the latent poisons in toys that my children are no longer “mouthing.”

And we live next to a large factory manufacturing insulation.  I’m no fool.  There have got to be a large amount of chemicals in the air from that.

Let’s talk about the fact that for the last 5 years we’ve lived on very busy roads.  I once came across a study that examined statistics for health of those who lived on roads with high traffic versus those who didn’t.  I think the likelihood of us developing something horrific is 20% more likely because we live on such a busy road.  All the car fumes.

So while the paranoia is easy to fall prey to in the China debacle, so is ignorance.   The thing that keeps running to my mind is the words of this text:  “5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from the other person’s eye.”  Taken from Matthew 7.  Read the whole passage.

If I really stop and think I’d have to say we are likely just as bad.  But we’re not testing North American products now, are we?

Use caution, live with less…  I’m not promoting ignorance.  Now that you know about the possible dangers… deal with them!

And try to make things last.   Sometime I should post on the whole “trade up your computer and cell phone” trend.  Ever question where the special metals come from inside those products?  Did you realize they can’t be recycled?  Something to do with endangered species!

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2 Responses to Paranoia

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  2. Songbirdy, I haven’t been purposely ignoring you or your generous offer of the ruffler–have just gotten sidetracked with other things. I’ll get in touch about it soon–and thank you so much!

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