Nearly Eight Year Old Boys


Where’s the book about nearly eight year old boys?

Are they supposed be using such language? How about crying? Are they supposed to cry this much? Seriously!

Is every thing I say open to interpretation? Or at least the explanation why he shouldn’t do…. ? Why can you say such things to Mom and act in such a way, and then hide and run away from Grandma when she comes over because you are so embarrassed?

Does Mommy exchanging her sewing machine for another one mean that the 8 year old boy is supposed to spend 1/2 a week in mourning?

So, um… what do I do with him?

Meanwhile… I think I’ll flap on over to Heathertopia…

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One Response to Nearly Eight Year Old Boys

  1. celticmuse says:

    this is a tough one, My soon to be 10 yr old is crying and angry quite a bit. I just keep reminding him what Jesus expects from him and that I love him.

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