Wild Week

The week started out rather calm.  Monday was quiet.  I did some laundry.

But it’s Thursday evening and I am tired.  Tuesday wasn’t busy but I know I have a bridal shower coming up so I took my knitting bag and the kids and went to the play ground for the entire afternoon.  They played and I knit 2 dish clothes and 1/2 a hand towel.  I finished the hand towel Wednesday, and got another 1/2 a towel done.

Wednesday we spent our morning packing the Garden Fresh Boxes.  Then we had to leave and rush to our Neighbourhood Group and relieve the Social Worker.  She went to pick up boxes and deliver them to the other Neighbourhood Group she works at, while I waited for ours.  Only I waited until nearly 4 p.m.  Then I had to make phone calls and it was nearly 5:30 p.m. when I got home.

I was shocked to find that despite my husband knowing I was not going to be home until very late, and having given him directions for dinner, I was supposed to cook supper.  So he BBQ’d burgers.

This morning I went to Cambridge to start prepping my Grandfather’s newly emptied apartment for painting.  Grandpa has moved to a large complex of assisted living apartments.  This is against his desire but the time has come.  He has Parkinson’s Disease and his shaking is so bad.  Plus he is suffering from some dementia and is too much for my parents.  He called my parents 5 times this morning.  Among the things he wanted my father to come over and find were the remote for the t.v., the portable phone, his cheque book, and also could he please turn on the microwave.  Each time he was not easily convinced that my father wasn’t next door, rather than 1 hour away!

My mother will likely be using his apartment as a painting studio.  She has hired me to paint the apartment.

Then right after lunch I rushed the kids to Guelph.  We went to the local museum’s Teddy Bear Picnic.  I promised the children we would do this.  I also bought us a year’s subscription.  It will allow us to go to every museum in the area for free!  Yay!

Then off to the store to pay off the rest of the sewing machine.  I got them to agree to this because I didn’t want to charge our VISA.

Home was next on the list.  Now I have been sitting here at the computer.   My hips are so sore from yesterday.

Dh did actually cook supper today.  But the kids and I aren’t in the mood for potatoes, roast and cabbage 😆  So we’ll have Jamaican Patties instead.

Tomorrow is groceries and bill paying.  A busy day too!  UGH!

Saturday will be back at my parents for painting.  Joy of joys!

But I was thrilled when I came home and found a sewing job waiting for me!  I am just so happy.  This job was picked up from someone reading my sign in the window.  And the lady at the sewing store said she wants my poster and will recommend me to those that often ask her for a Seamstress.

I am very happy with this news!

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4 Responses to Wild Week

  1. Elaine says:

    What a week!
    Glad you survived and with a sewing job no less. 😀

  2. Beth says:

    You have had a week already, and it isn’t quite over yet. I hope you find some time to rest with all the busyness.

    I understand about your grandfather. My Grandma had Parkinsons and her shaking got really bad also. She refused to leave her home though. My aunt and uncle lived down the street from her and helped her out all the time. She passed away 2 years ago.

  3. Sorry, Birdy, that post above is from me, I wasn’t signed into my account when I posted.

    Congratulations on the sewing job & the advertising at the store! That is going to really help you out.

  4. lovingewe says:

    Some weeks are awful, aren’t they? Nice to see you have a sewing job. I hope you enjoy sewing for other people. It takes a nack as most people have high expecations for perfection. these are normally people who can’t sew a straight line!

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