Tada! The Machine!

Janome Sewing Machine

That’s my new machine. Part of the deal was a Quilter’s table as well, not pictured.

I am very happy with this machine. I had a blast today whipping up a little bag out of scraps so that I could try out the features. The bag is hilarious, the most ornate bread bag or yoga mat carrying bag, but hey! I had fun.

This is actually a much nicer machine that I was hoping for. So it is fun. I have it set up nicely on the porch with my Serger. I am praying that I will get a nice little business going. Either way, I do a lot of sewing for the family.

It was cool enough for me to sew curtains tonight, but I was too busy playing. Tomorrow I must clean the house for company on Saturday evening and Sunday Afternoon.

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7 Responses to Tada! The Machine!

  1. gingerporter says:

    Wow….!!! That is so awesome!!!! Hey bring it with you when you come down……hehehe….:)

  2. Bobbie says:

    Wow!!! that is awesome. I want one. lol.

    Have fun playing with your new toy…

  3. Beth says:

    WOW! That is a nice machine. I hope you have lots of fun sewing on it….and make lots of money to aid your family budget/income.

  4. songbirdy says:

    Thanks ladies 😆

    I’ve already lined up two jobs, both are Roman blinds. So that will be nice.

    Dh said that because I’ve been putting up ‘without’ him and he’s been having sooo much overtime this is a treat.

    [that and I bought him his BBQ…]

    If I get one job a week of custom sewing, I should have it paid off within the year!

  5. Elaine says:

    That is one fine machine that you have aquired and I hope that it serves you well.

  6. Whoo hoo! Go sew up a storm. (BTW, I did check out rufflers at the Singer store, and they’re between $40-50. Maybe for Christmas, then. Although I did look on E-bay too and I think we could get one for less that way, if I could remember which kind the man at the store recommended–he kept switching boxes around.)

  7. lovingewe says:

    Congradulations on your sewing machine. I too have a Janome , for 22 years now. They are great machines and don’t cost a bundle in reapir work. Enjoy sewing.

    I have been reading through your posts ( I have been on the computer since July). I always enjoy reading your happenings.

    Bless you.

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