Excitement and an Update

Excitement first!

Dh and I have been talking about upgrading my sewing machine.  Not because I need to, but because I’d like to.  Isn’t that fun 😀 ?  The machine I have now I really like but when it comes to starting and closing seams I’m a little heavy on the back stitch.

My current machine isn’t computerized, but has lots of lovely features.  But I can think of some fun things I enjoy in having a computerized machine.  Not for all the stitches but more because of the self tension adjusting.  That is worth its weight in gold when you are doing a lot of sewing.

This hasn’t been too much of an issue for me in the past, and I do know my machine very well and tend to be able to find the correct tension very quickly.

Then there is the feature of the invisible lock stitch.  Something my MIL has and I tend to covet.

Anyhow… like I said, not really needed so not really very high on the priority list.  I went to the store that I have been a customer at for quite a long time.  They made me an offer, with and with out the trade in of my current machine.  I decided what they were offering for my machine wasn’t worth my while.  So I was trying to sell my machine myself.

Today I went to the local sewing machine store.  I was thrilled!  I brought in my machine and asked what they would offer on the exact same machine.  Then I saw another machine that I liked a little better.  At the first store it was really out of my price range, but at this store it was much more reasonable.

She went to her office and did a few things… and I can get the even fancier and ‘tidier’ sewing machine for less cost than what I would have had to pay at my other store with the trade in!  I was thrilled.  And she gave me some freebies.  Some nice freebies.  Ones that I would really use.

I am waiting impatiently for DH to wake up.  I really want to tell him my good deal 😀  And maybe get his permission to trade in my machine and ‘up-size.’

😆  Crazy, I know!

Anyhow, the update.  Remember the finger knuckle I sliced open?  Well…  its healed.  But it aches all the time now.  There is a fair amount of extra skin in the area because naturally I whacked it open a few more times before it fully healed.  My body is already showing that its fixing that extra skin problem.

But… my knuckle often hurts when I bend it.  I’m doing some exercises that I know are good for arthritic joints.  And I’m giving it nice massages, and oil treatments that I’d have given to a Senior when I worked at the Nursing home.

Still hurts.  If I bend that finger all the way for a full range of motion… it hurts.

Okay… I think I made my point.  Please pray this kind of heals up.  Also that I’m not developing arthritis in that joint.  It is a finger that gets used often and I don’t want to have arthritis from age 31 on in that finger!

And before you say something about my home doctoring.  I checked with a doctor at church and they likely would not have stitched up the finger.  But they would have splinted it to prevent the bubble of extra skin.  Yet, he agreed with me that the body will adjust and slowly the extra skin will be no longer.

thanks for sharing in my whine but also my EXCITEMENT!

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4 Responses to Excitement and an Update

  1. Elaine says:

    Birdy, sounds like you’ve found yourself quite the deal on the sewing machine. 😀 I hope that it all works out for you. If we lived closer I’d be happy to send some business your way, I’ve got stuff I’d love to get fixed but as I dont’ have time, nor do I sew, and hubby, who does sew, has no time at all. I’d rather pay a friend to do it than take it to one of the local alteration places.

    I’ll be praying for healing of your finger.

  2. songbirdy says:

    I got it! Oh boy! 😆

    I sewed a bag out of scraps this afternoon. Now I am making up as sampler so that I can try out the various stitches.

    I appreciate your business in thought Elaine! 😀

  3. Sheri says:

    I’m so glad you have a new toy and at a deal, too!

    Sorry to hear about your finger. My husband had a similar wound and it took a long time to get his range of motion back. You are smart to do the range of motion exercises!

  4. celticmuse says:

    Congratulations, a fancy sewing machine in on my want list but not until after I get out of school and it is slow going with so many kids and homeschooling.

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