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On Tuesday I had an interview with a school bus company in the city here.  The interview went really well and I was told that if I wanted too, they would like me to start training on Wednesday.

I had originally applied for the job because I promised my husband I would apply.  It was my hope that I could find a job that wasn’t too demanding and that would allow me to contribute some cash to our family.  My husband gets very stressed out about the money.  Okay, I do too but I am not the one working 60 hours a week minimum away from home.  I would say I probably work that much but its around the house and with the children.

After I applied I was out and about and saw a notice from someone looking for a sitter to pick their child up from the bus stop and watch this child daily until 5:30 p.m.  I called, and we had a visit.  It seems like I might have this position, but of course I could use some prayer that this will be a certain thing!

I came home from my interview and talked with my husband.  He, who had been pressuring me to find work, was definitely, positively certain I must not take this job.  I didn’t believe him.  I made him repeat over and over that he was 100% positive he didn’t want me to do this job!  This morning I called and did decline the position.  I explained that I really wanted to be sure that this wasn’t a rush choice either way.  And I asked if I could apply in future years.

Meanwhile, I’ve also put out the word that I am sewing from home again.  I’m mixed up about this.  It is really not the world’s most wonderful thing to do.   People don’t realize that sewing isn’t really cheap.  It is if you’re doing it for yourself, but if you’re doing it for someone else the labour gets expensive.  I don’t tend to charge myself my labour costs!

But I own a good sewing machine and I happen to be mildly talented at sewing.  I’ve sewn my best friend’s wedding dress!  And that was no small feat!

Tonight I designed and printed up flyers.  I’m calling the Home Business “Stitch O’ Mine.”  As in, “I’ll save you nine!”

I’ve made up a few flyers and will post them at a few locations that I know will take them.  I’m not going to do a mass of flyers and blanket the neighbourhood.  And I’ve made a poster to hang in our window and will have it and one of the flyers laminated.  I tried to ‘encourage’ my Artistic mother to paint me a lovely sign and she replied that my talents on the computer were a silly thing to waste in this situation. 😆

I tried to insert the flyer, but it didn’t work right!  Below is not really how it looks but will give you an idea.  Note: I’ve removed some things and the cool clip art I used didn’t work right!

Stitch O’ Mine

Mending and Sewing


       Is your favorite outfit starting to show its status?  Did the button fall off?  Are your hems starting to drop?  Did your child rip their brand new jeans?

For as little as a Toonie, I’ll likely be able to fix the problem!


-buttons (with your button, up to 2 for $2)

-hems (up to 5 inches for $2)

-patching (depending on location)

-seams (1 seam per garment for $2)


Prices agreed upon before work is completed

-raise hem, lower if possible

-take in side seams

-zipper replacement

Above are based upon me using white, cream, navy, brown, or black thread.  If I happen to have a better match I’ll use it.  If you require me to exactly match your garment there will be an additional $2 charge.

Custom Sewing Work:

I’ve sewn wedding dresses, curtains, bridal/formal wear, napkins, slip covers, special fitting children’s clothing, clothing for special needs, and more.

Generally speaking custom work is expensive but I am willing to work with you to give you the best price possible.  Fees are based upon cost of supplies and my time.

All work is done on sewing machine.

Most work is done while you wait, and sometimes I will do rush work.  All prices are agreed upon before the work is started and garments will be held until payment is received in full.

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5 Responses to Work, Interview, Home Based Business

  1. Beth says:

    Your sewing business sounds great! I pray your efforts will be a tremendous blessing for your household.

  2. Elaine says:

    Sounds like a fair deal to me. I like that you’ve stipulated that if they don’t pay in full they don’t get the garment/item back.

    All the best to you as you do this. I hope it works out well for you.

  3. songbirdy says:

    Thanks Ladies!

    I had the window signs laminated and hung them today. I dropped off a bunch of posters at various places. And I had the Community Group leader say she will put an ‘ad’ in their paper.

    I have also likely ‘gotten’ an office to clean on the weekends and my mother’s house. I’m not too sure about that one! 😆 !

    So this should help. The only thing that worries me is the slow season!

  4. kimhsmom says:

    Prayin for ya Birdy

  5. songbirdy says:

    Thanks Kim!

    I’m likely not getting the office now… but that’s okay! I know HE will provide!

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