Sunday Night Summary

Good Evening!

Since blog land has no time zone, you can insert the appropriate greeting!

Its been a rough week at our house.  The humidity was very high this week as were our temperatures.  Last Sunday night we had gone to a beach on Lake Huron.  A large wave tossed me very well and I think I ended up with water in my inner ear.

Monday then saw me feeling very poorly.  The children were at ‘day camp’ this week.  Which was such a blessing as I could basically sleep.

Tuesday I felt great upon awakening but so realized that I wasn’t so great by about noon saw me begging for bed!

Tuesday is the day we discovered that there was a bully at camp.  My children seemed to be the object of his attention.  This lead to some interesting times this week.

Wednesday was just hot.  I still wasn’t okay but I had a theory as to why my dizzy spells were continuing despite my ear draining over the night.  The cats were using the corner of my bed right by my head to launch from in their quest to sit in the bedroom window sill.

One cat would jump up and settle down.  BOING would go the bed by my head.

The next cat would jump up.  BOING would go the bed by my head.  HISS would go the first cat.  PLUNK would go the cat on the Bed by my head.

The next cat would jump down to follow the first cat.  PLUNK would go the Bed by my head.

Wait a span of 20 minutes.  Repeat ad nauseate!

Come the morning… and to understand the significance of this Dr. Seuss story you need to know that I once slept through a tree being struck by lightening about 5 feet from my window.  The charge from this lightening bolt fused together my mother’s washing machine and dryer downstairs below my bed.  Naturally they had just arrived brand new to our home the week before.

My parents were on vacation.  So the next day I was horrified to realize that I had broken Mom’s new Washing machine and dryer.  It wasn’t until my parents came home from vacation 2 weeks afterwards and had been greeted by me and my woeful story, then gone into the basement and my father realized by glancing out the window that the tree was in shards, the vinyl siding hanging in strips, and so forth, that I was likely not to blame for the breaking of the new appliances.

So you realize by this trip down memory lane that I sleep through EVERYthing.  So, all night long, my head has been bumping up and down.  The only reason I realized is because when that was happening combined with my inner ear liquid I was awoken by the need to grab a bucket.  Then lying there with my bucket I was treated to 10 bounces of my bed in 1 hour.  And my theory was formed!

Thursday was hot and I was starting to feel a bit better.  I locked the cats, their food and litter box in the basement that night.

Friday night found me back in bed.  With my bucket.

Saturday I was finally feeling better.  The good news was the humidity had cracked.

This evening, after DH got home from work, we headed off to the home of one of his co-workers.  The kids had a wonderful time swimming and we had fun getting to know another new friend in our new city!

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2 Responses to Sunday Night Summary

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m so sorry that last week was not pleasant for you.

    I’d have done a serious mischief to those cats. They’d been lucky to get away w/their tails still on their bodies. 😈

  2. Those cats would have been punted into the next room after the first pounce or two! You sure are a hard sleeper to not have noticed all the bouncing that must have been going on.
    I hope you are feeling better this week. It sounds like the end of your week went really well. Have fun getting to know your new friends!

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