Tuesday Evening

Just a chatty sort of post. I’d like to write something deep and thoughtful but I’ve discovered that today my thoughtful isn’t worthwhile writing down.

Blame it on the fact that I hurried through the last Potter book. Not more hurried than usual except that I knew the hubby wanted it. As the faster reader it is my job to read the book he wants as quickly as I can so that he can get to it. šŸ˜† We’ve tried having him read it first but then eventually the book ends up in my possession before he finishes it. This way he can read in relative peace. Except last time.

Last time I told him to watch out for the point where an event happened. Only I made it up. This is because he tends to bug me about the book. So he read the book fast. And then turned to me, “Where in the book were you talking about? I must have missed it!”

šŸ˜† Nope, I made it up so you wouldn’t bug me for what was happening next! šŸ˜†

This time he didn’t ask, but he finished the book in two days. A record for him! šŸ˜†

In other events I’ve been buying wardrobes and building them in my spare time. I’ve had to rearrange Number One’s room to make the wardrobe fit but he now has a closet. Eventually that closet will join its twin and house coats on our front porch. We are still two wardrobes short.

I’ve given the house a really good clean on Saturday. Had lots of company on the weekend.

Made two trips to IKEA, where else would the wardrobes come from! Okay… I know!

And I’ve been knitting. My sock has grown and I’m almost ready to start the heel flap. These socks will win the award for taking the longest to knit. However throw in hot weather and a move and I guess it isn’t all that pathetic.

I’ve also had to get some more fabric for the bedroom windows. You’re going to like them. I decided they weren’t going to be long enough. Now they will be but I still need to sew them.

And Dh has been making records at work for overtime. What a joy. Yes, that was sarcastic! To encourage him and keep his spirits up, I told him we had to buy the back-yard fire pit I wanted. They are illegal in Guelph. I knew that. While shopping we found the BBQ that I had found on sale in the Weekly Sales Flyer and I talked him into buying the BBQ instead. Let me tell you, that took about 2 seconds to change his mind!

Next week the kids are in camp again, so I should have the kind of time I like for sewing. The uninterrupted kind of time.

Also Number Two has what will hopefully be her last hospital test scheduled. I am praying that she is healed.

Anyhow! Bedtime!

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One Response to Tuesday Evening

  1. gingerporter says:

    I LOVE Ikea…!!!! In fact maybe this weekend I will have to visit Ikea….thanks for the subliminal message…:)

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