Stamps of Approval

There is nothing so frugal as paying your bills on time.

Typically I do bill paying via the phone or internet.  It is fast and I control it.  I also hate with a passion direct draw bills.  The kind where they save you the time and take the money whenever they want!  Nope, on this move we were lucky and I was able to set up every new bill as monthly bills.  That’s my style!

Especially because I have to work with my husband’s floating pay schedule.  But there were two bills that are set up as direct draws.  The mortgage payment and the car payment.

I won’t go on about the car payment.  That is a story you never need to hear!

I was bringing this topic up because I realized something today while off paying bills at the bank.

Since we had all new accounts, I had to go to the bank the last two pay periods and have them set up the bills so that I can pay them my normal methods.

Normally the only bill I have to go to the bank to pay is our Student Loans.  That is because I refuse to hold an account at that bank.  They are getting wealthy on our interest at 8.75%!  No need to pay them even more in banking fees!

Anyhow, it is kind of a pleasure to pay those bills.  Not because I get to wait in line with two children.  Not because almost every time I have to bully the newest clerk into filing the payment the correct way or else it will get lost and I will have to scrape together extra payments.  No, because at the end of it, I walk away with slips of paper with rubber stamps and signatures on it saying I’ve paid my bill.

Then I take those papers which are as valuable as gold when the clerks misdirect our payments aproximately 4 times a year, and give them to my Father for safe keeping.  He has the fax machine and is able to send away copies of my golden papers if need be at the drop of a hat.

After about 4 years, I have a nice stack of pink stamped paper slips.  I keep joking I am going to wallpaper my house with them the day our loans are paid off.

So back to today… There I am beaming as the clerk at our new bank is taking that big huge date stamp thing and “WHOOMP,” scribble signature, PAID!

“WHOOMP,” scribble, PAID!

Repeat… and Repeat a few more times.

I am beaming as I walk out the door.  I am a responsible adult.  I have a stack of what was ugly bills demanding money now all bearing stamps and signatures and the words PAID across.  I’m not ashamed of my ugly bills!  Nope, I’ve got something to be happy about!

All of the sudden I realized I get the same kick when paying off our Student Loans…

Even DH who waited in the car with the DC while I paid our bills had to take a look at our stack of paid bills.  Then when we got home, nice and quickly into the filing folders.

Hmm, true now all our bills are set up and I can pay them any old time I please.

However, me thinks I like the little routine of paying bills at the bank.  Sam-I-am!

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3 Responses to Stamps of Approval

  1. gingerporter says:

    That is such a lovely feeling….You should pat yourself on the back!!

  2. Elaine says:

    You do deserve a good pat on the back.

    You’ve reminded me that I need to sit down inthe morning to set up the payment of the bills for this month.

  3. lovingewe says:

    Nice comment Roberta and oh so true.
    Funny what really makes us happy.

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