Canada Day Celebrations!

We had a lovely time yesterday.

The children and I walked home from church.  The husband agreed to work yesterday.  That itself is a post for another day.

I took a route that would take us to the John McCrae house.  It is straight down the road from our church and definitely on the walk home.  I had to shush our son several times because I wanted them to catch on that “something” was happening further ahead.

They did a really nice celebration.  John McCrae wrote “In Flander’s Fields.”  A poem tied to Remembrance Day in Canada.  In the week prior the children and I had walked to the home on our evening walk to ensure that we could find the home yesterday.  That night we had sat in the large yard and read the plaque that had the poem inscribed upon its surface.  We talked about war and fighting.

Considering the recent events in our world and the daily fighting that happens somewhat farther away from us, I wanted to bring up this subject now with our children.  I want them to think about subjects like this at their young age.  Not because I want to indoctrinate them, but because I think we need to all be aware of how our actions affect others.  I think in particular about the analogy of the Butterfly causing a windstorm halfway across the world.  And I want them to realize that they have the power to change the world too.

That night was a very special moment.  A quiet evening, a long walk, some cool night air and a deep talk.  As deep as you get with a 5 and 7 year old.  It was good.

Yesterday was also very nice.  It was a nice mix of history, fun and celebration.

The society had a large birthday cake.  The kids loved that!  There were activities for all ages.  I did some embroidery on a group project.  DS learned that he has my skill at walking on stilts.  I ended up giving a few lessons on stilt walking and amazed many people at my skill, including myself!  😆  I haven’t used them since Grade school when I attended C.P.E.C.  It was fun!

They had a historical soldiers group do some re-enactments.  Their firing of blanks really got my sons attention.  He had no idea that guns could be so loud!  Having only been exposed to silly computer games he thought of them as fun.  Then there was an army field ambulance there.  They were doing displays and both medics had returned from tours of duty 3 months ago.  I noticed one of them flinched at the firings of the historical group.  There were several displays of old army gear.  Several pictures and displays of trench warfare from the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

There were three displays set up by current army and air soldiers.  My children had their faces painted and subjected to a drill.  They had to crawl and climb.  My only wish was that I had thought to pack my daughter some clothes!  I packed us good walking shoes and water, but her Sunday dress is worse for the wear!

At the time I was a bit worried about all of this military stuff.  But I am glad I allowed them to participate.  Yesterday afternoon on the walk home and at our lunch at the BoatHouse Tea Parlour we had several good talks about fighting.  About how there is no glory in war.  We talked about reasons that people might have to fight a war.  We talked about our roles.  We talked about stupid computer games.

Then this morning our son came for a cuddle.  My husband had already left for work.  We were definitely sleeping in having gone to the fireworks.

It was good to talk with him as he wanted to talk about computer games once more.  “You know Mom, they make guns seem like fun.  That’s wrong.  They are really not that good.  Do I have to stop playing those games?”

I responded, “That is your choice.  I want you to think about it.  My preference is yes as I think it is wrong to do those kinds of things because you loose true perspective on what guns can do.  Before yesterday you thought they were all fun.”

It shall be interesting to see where he goes with this.  Our son has a sensitive nature when it comes to injustice.  It will make him a very good man, I believe.  I want him to learn to make his own choices.

On a side note.  I enjoyed the fireworks.  They were definitely of a professional calibre as they were timed to the music and were HUGE.  The crowd was huge as well.

But as I looked around, I was struck with how nonchalant everyone was.  During the evening I saw a lot of Police Officers.  They weren’t going through the crowd, but they were on the outsides.  And the fact that really made me nervous was that I counted 15 aircraft in the skies.  Among them 3 helicopters, 5 planes that I feel sure were military.  And the occasional other plane as well.

Some times ignorance isn’t bliss.

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3 Responses to Canada Day Celebrations!

  1. Sheri says:

    Happy Canada Day!

  2. Elaine says:

    Glad that you had a great holiday. 🙂
    Sorry that your hubby chose to work over enjoying it w/you and the kids.

  3. Iva says:

    Happy Canada Day! (Just a little late)

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