House Pictures!

So since two very lovely friends said we have a deal, I am going to post these in their honour 😆

Like I said, please remember these are of a house that was moved into just 2 days shy of 4 weeks ago. You will see special curtains. It is too hot not to cover the windows in our house with no air conditioning. And you will see boxes as well.

I am going to start you with what you would see when you enter the front door. This is the front porch. Technically a 3 season porch. I’d hope you would please take off your shoes and place them to this side. There are still some coat hooks to be installed by the dear darling husband. I might actually make a ceiling to floor curtain at the very end and close off the hutch you see. The next step would be to install a curtain rod there. That is my mother’s suggestion. My idea is to save pennies and get some closets from Ikea that would allow me to store coats and shoe, and the odd things in it and just close the door nicely.

Porch 1

You can see Paw-casso sitting on the chair in her little bed. She will only use that bed if it is on the chair. And that allows me to remove it and allow my younger guests, of whom I have none, to put on their shoes in comfort.

To the other side you can see this, boxes and my work area. This will be my sewing area for now. In the winter I expect I will be wearing snow pants to work here! 😆 I’ll just bring things in! In my dream for this space I will have a nice big comfy chair and ottoman and make it a reading corner.

Porch 2

Next you will enter into the main and insulated part of the house. This is the view you will see as of supper time today.

Towards Dining Room

You can see the doors to the children’s bedrooms in this picture.

Living Room by TV

And this one is more actual to what you would see entering. Behind the lovely curtains is a very huge window. But the sun was still hot on this side of the house.

Living Area

Here is that room with pictures taken from the kitchen.

Living with Door Open

Living From Kitchen Door

Now turning around in that door way, the kitchen:


The colour is a mistint, but I love it. The wall along which I am standing has the fridge immeadiately to my left and it crops into the picture, and the dishwasher on my right. The dishwasher still has to be moved along to the sink. Missing is the wall border which will run along the ceiling.

Beside the dishwasher you see the small hallway with the floor that lifts/trap door leading to our bedroom.

Hall to Bedroom

Here is looking the other direction in the “hallway.”  You can see the mammoth fridge!

Hall to Kitchen

Once inside the room, three views:

The door you just entered is on the far right of this picture. The green wall goes up 12 ft. So far the only room you’ve seen that I haven’t painted is the porch. The master bedroom has the painted floor too.

Master Bedroom 3

Master Bedroom 2

And facing our bed and out towards the yard:

Master Bedroom

Now in one of those pictures above you can see the boys bedroom. Eventually we will block of the doorway, as there is no door there now. But for now, the best shot of his room is from ours. Basically it is a tiny room, but sufficient. Here’s the best picture I could get. Note: I did nothing to this room. I will likely paint it this fall or next spring. He started peeling the wallpaper and that made sparks fly in my eyes!

Eric’s Room

And then there is the daughter’s room and school room. A shot entering the room:

School Room 3

And having walked straight in and looking at the wall with the door:

School Room 2

And last looking at the door and closet.

School Room

Note: all our ceilings are a minimum of 10 feet except the kitchen which is 9 feet and the bathroom, which is still in its original lean-to shape and they just built it into the house. Eventually we will re do that room!

Here is the best shot of that illustrious work room!

Blog Bathroom

So there you go! Thank you for your kind patience! I have worked hard to bring these pictures too you. And I am going to now add pictures of how it used to look!

Old Master Bedroom:

Bedroom 3 ~ likely school room

Old Boy’s Bedroom:

Bedroom 2 ~ Likely the Children’s sleeping area

Old Daughter’s Room and School Room:

Opposite view Master bedroom.Bedroom 1 ~ view 1

Old Kitchen:


Old Main Room:

Dining AreaLiving Room

Yard: Not much has changed, no snow now! 😆 I’ll tackle this next year! Well, okay I’ve taken out half a tonne of weeds and old tree limbs and such!


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7 Responses to House Pictures!

  1. Iva says:

    I adore seeing where my friends make their homes >grin

  2. Patti says:

    I love it!

  3. jodysgirl94 says:

    You have a very lovely home! 🙂

  4. Sheri says:

    Roberta, you have accomplished a tremendous amount of ‘homemaking’ in 4 weeks! I’m sure you see the things you haven’t been able to get to yet, but it looks very comfortable & homey already! I love all the colour you’ve added….very nice!

  5. teresab01 says:

    oooooh. hOW PRETTY. I like it !! Thank you for sharing !

  6. Elaine says:

    You’ve done a great job in making that house into your home. I love the violet in the kitchen – I would keep it and change my decor colors. 😀

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. I love seeing what my friends have done with their homes.

  7. Meredith says:

    I just love your daughter’s room and schoolroom. The yellow is so cheery and fresh with the white windsor chairs and whiteboard.

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