I don’t like Unpacking!

I almost said I hate unpacking. I am close to hate. In away it is easier if things just stay in the box. I can live without a lot of our stuff! Oh well, the boxes look messy. Now the room doesn’t look as messy, just full!

The children want to help, but it isn’t really a help. I wish Dh would help, but he doesn’t.

Anyhow! The living area books are unpacked. There are a few I would simply give away as I simply don’t use them. They were gifts from my Mother-in-law and are about fancy sewing techniques. I am a careful machine sewing gal, but I just want the job done. Too many of the books are clearly from the early ’70’s and ’80’s. Not that there is a problem with that, however the suggestions don’t work with today’s styles.

Yet, I don’t get rid of them. Once I sent out a test question to my MIL in order to see how she would respond if I sent those books to a friend who really wanted them. I simply said this friend really wanted to borrow my books. My MIL went up and down about how I’d never get them back and that would really bother her. So I learned that I needed to keep those books. When she comes to visit she checks for them too.

In the past I have kept a few I actually do use, like how to alter patterns for size, and then told her I had the rest upstairs, which hinted at the sewing room. Actually they were holding up our bed as we don’t have a bed frame. However, this time Dh decided that he would rather our bed just be on the floor, since the remnants of the bed frame we were using was gouging the floor. So the books were no longer needed to hold up the bed.

Oh well, if it keeps a bit of peace I can handle a shelf full of books I don’t use. It seems a pity as we only have 4 book shelves, but such is life. One day I might have the courage to send off these books too, but in the past I did a lot of de-cluttering that left my MIL very upset with me and for now these books can stay.

Anyhow, I can see an end in sight for the packing. Right now I have around 15 boxes left. What is holding me back now is the fact that I really don’t have much more space, and it is hot and I am uncomfortable!

I shall persevere. Tomorrow. Now I must go to bed! We have a Nature Walk first thing in the morning as it is too hot in the afternoons. You should see us all dressed up in our hats! We made a funny sight tonight on our evening walk, but I don’t care! My little girl is protected from the sun and that is what matters!

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5 Responses to I don’t like Unpacking!

  1. Sheri says:

    I dislike unpacking about as much, too. In fact, I still have some unpacked boxes in my garage. I am bold enough to just toss them unopend, the DH is not. Nor is he unpacking them. Glad the end is in sight for you!

    I like your new blog look.

  2. Iva says:

    I remember when we moved into the house we’re in now, two years ago. I hate packing as much as I hate unpacking (and moving for that matter!) so I made the choice to toss as I went. This way, the stuff I unpacked when I got to the house was stuff we actually NEEDED (or wanted — like baby books, photo albums, etc)

    Prayfully, you won’t have to move for a long time…but should you ever have to again, toss and sort before you put into boxes. At least this *should* make unpacking less of an ordeal.


  3. songbirdy says:

    Oh that is true… and I did that with the boxes I unpacked.

    Then my “helpers” came along and packed up some of the stuff I sorted out on moving day to be dropped off on the way here while we had the truck!!!

    And then any box my DH packed, he just threw in everything!

    Since garbage is a big deal here with all the sorting, it is becoming a big deal to unpack!

    And… well, I do have to get rid of more stuff to make this house livable. It isn’t reasonable or necessary to hold onto as much as we have when I’ll be looking at it frustrating me and I know there are people who won’t be frustrated by our stuff and will be able to use it!

    🙂 last, in a strange way, I like moving… just not unpacking!

  4. Elaine says:

    All the best as you finish up unpacking. I hope that you will be able to get rid of the unneeded stuff.

  5. Iva says:

    You like moving…perhaps because it’s an opportunity to start new and fresh? I always felt that way switching schools when I was a kid.

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