Back to School & Dishes

Well, we’ve started our new school year.  I suspect like many home schools, we have a bit of last year to work on along with a bit of new from the new year.   We took a month off for the move.

I had told my Dh several times that we were starting again today and could he please do a few items.  I am not 100% sure he believed me.  Anyhow, he realized I was serious and so hardly had we begun when Daddy came into DD’s bedroom and our school room bearing his drill.  Within about 20 minutes my White board and large cork board were hung.  The kids enjoyed my new thing of writing down our list of “events” on the board and it seemed motivational.  The only negative was DS’s unwillingness to proceed without complaining every single subject.  He would spend a large amount of time complaining and then try to rush through to beat his sister so that he could wipe his thing off the board before she did.  What he has yet to realize, is that if he would just do the work we would all be done much faster!

Part of school was a trip to the library after lunch.  I assigned them a job of finding books related to subjects they covered in their private lessons today.  DD ordered books for both of them…  So I’ve got to work on DS’s delegation to his sister of his homework!  I’ve noticed this becoming a trend in our house.  I will assign him a job, and turn around to discover his sister doing the work.  “Well, #1 told me to do this Mom!”

Alright, I find it amusing and am kind of waiting for her to tell him what she thinks about it, but in the meantime I do assign him things for a reason and he should be doing his own work 😆 .

Anyhow, in all it was a good school day.  I’ve a few things to straighten out before tomorrow morning.  Namely for my organizational system.  A few books arrived during packing and after the move.  The Learning House, where I order my books from, was kind enough to ensure my orders were sent to the right house during moving time.  It was rather nice to receive a parcel a few days after moving!  Anyhow, I need to make sure I have cards made up for those books.  And I am going to switch how I’ve arranged my daily combined subject listings.  Right now I am confused, and when mother gets confused school tends to drag.  When school drags, children become antsy.  When Children become antsy, Momma gets frustrated.  When Momma gets frustrated, things turn bad.  Enough said!

In other news, the kitchen faucet does need replacing.  It is a Moen, but all the replaceable parts have been replaced and the leaking is only getting worse.   Now there are puddles of water just filling up the dish tubs for handwashing.  I quit using the Dishwasher 2 weeks ago because that involved having to mop the floor, cupboard interiors and counter top each time it ran.  We have a portable dishwasher by the way.  The pressure is too much for the plumbing.

My father is to help us with the plumbing, but 6 days after he got home from Kenya he had to go to Vancouver, British Columbia.  He has promised to come after Canada Day (July 1st) but I have to wait until then.

Here’s my problem with doing dishes, no matter which method used.  Growing up, my mother didn’t do the dishes.  She worked at cooking the meal and didn’t have to do the dishes.  I agree with her.  I agreed back then.  Not to say I willingly did the dishes, I’m no saint!  But, do you think I can get Dh to support this?  Today I refused to cook because he didn’t do the dishes like he promised.  So he whips out the counter-top grill and did up some burgers.

It isn’t that I don’t think he did any work.  In fact today he put up some shelves and the school room things.  Now he is at work, having gone in 2 hours early and is expecting to stay 3 hours late.

I don’t know.  Perhaps I wouldn’t feel this way if I hadn’t my example growing up!  I also realize tit-for-tat isn’t good.  But seriously!  I am sick of always having to do the dishes!

I shall be doing them tonight.  Part of using the grill without a grease catch is a mess.  And cats love messes.  So, I have to clean up the kitchen.  I just hope it cools down soon because my feet are swollen and I don’t savour this cleaning up job tonight!

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2 Responses to Back to School & Dishes

  1. Elaine says:

    Congrats on beginning your new school year. I’ve got a month and a half before we start in August. I sure hope that DS is able to understand that while learning to delegate is a good tool to have it is also important to know how to do the work you are assigned. You may want to try the tactic of if he doesn’t learn how to do something, assigns the task to his younger sister then one day he’ll wake up to find out that she know A LOT more than he does and has passed him by in school! 😀 Perhaps that will motivate him.

    I understand how you feel about the dishes. I can’t really get anyone around here to do much with the dishes unless hubby wants to do something in the kitchen, it’s a mess and I’m not here to take care of it. 😆 I just feel so bad about that. 😉

  2. songbirdy says:

    The man and the kids did the dishes this afternoon.

    He promised to do them when he got up. Then at about 3:30 p.m. I told off the DS for leaving his bedroom door open when Daddy was sleeping. Well, Daddy was up but hiding in our room reading a book. Meanwhile I was sweltering in the living room wishing I could open up our room and create a cross draft. So I reminded him of his promise and went to lay down as my migraine was pounding. He, naturally, slammed the door in anger as he didn’t want to do the dishes, but they did and I responded with a yummy supper as thanks.

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