Tonight I am sitting here and feeling like I am so lazy.  Even though I can go through a list of things I have done today including:

-going to the Mall this morning for a Birthday treat from a friend

-dressing the family and getting us to a portrait studio for pictures

-cooking supper

-emptying my parents trailer of the trees, which included figuring out where the dump was, if we could take our items there, and when it was open.  Hitching up the trailer, etc…

-eating outside in our yard with the DC

-biking with the DC to Biltmore hat Factory and trying on all sorts of lovely hats and finding that my tastes run into the big money

-and more.

Yet I feel simply lazy because I’ve sat here for a good 2 hours playing a computer game.

Perhaps its my upbringing.  Quite frankly I can list the things needing to be done:

-supper dishes

-folding of laundry

-sweeping and washing of the floor


-tidying of the porch

-organization, organization, organization

-wrapping of my Niece and Nephew’s Birthday gifts for their party tomorrow

-choosing and prepping the cards to accompany said gifts

-baking for tomorrow nights movie night with my mother

-sewing our curtains

-and more.
My question is why do I feel so guilty about taking this time to relax?  I have often thought about a phrase bandied about by those Inventors and Creators.  Weren’t all the electric appliances, cars, and so forth designed to give us this time?  Yes they were.  Now I have in the past read some really interesting articles that talk about how we have the ability to twist our use of those inventions to equal more work.

For example, most people used to have a few sets of clothes.  As in less than one for everyday of the week.  Now I get strange looks when I comment that my kids don’t need more than 10 outfits.  I drive my MIL batty because I greet her gifts of clothes with the order to my kids to figure out what is leaving their closet so that the gift can have a hanger on which to hang.  Its not that I am not grateful, but I figure new in, old out!

Washing machines and Dryers mean it is easier to clean and care for our clothes.  Instead of Washing Day, it is really no big deal to do a load a day.  But when you carefully consider it, it actually likely does eat more of our time this way!  Yet I know of many people who wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice, or at least not two days in a row!  I’m not saying everyone, but I know of many!

I don’t know why I feel so guilty about my time spent on this thing!  I do work hard and I do accomplish a lot of things in one day.  I do believe some of it comes from me, but for example, my husband often whines about me spending time on the computer!  Truth be told, he’s the one that “hooked me up!”

Oh I don’t know.  I’m just at the beginning stages of thinking about this subject.  No conclusions.  I can’t decide at this point if I should be ashamed of myself for my evenings like this when there is a lot of work that can and should be done, or if I should take the time like this and do absolutely nothing productive with that time.  There are nights that I spend knitting or crocheting.  I don’t have the same feeling of guilt on those nights!

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2 Responses to Time

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m a firm believer in everyone needing a day off to just do what makes them happy. God did intend for us to have one day out of seven as a day of rest. That day of rest could include doing fun things like reading for pleasure, doing hobbies or even going somewhere just plain fun.

    Don’t beat your self up for having some fun now and again. I really don’t think that what you do for fun is anything that goes against God. 🙂

  2. jodysgirl94 says:

    Everybody needs a break! 🙂

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