Pictures are Hung!

Ah, it is beginning to feel a bit like home around here.

We still have things in the wrong places, and boxes to unpack.  But today I was able to take all of the paints and supplies for that down to the basement.  Then Dh said that he was going to hang one of our really important pictures.  It is a wedding gift, brought over for a wedding gift from my parents and brothers from the country in which I was born via the Diplomatic Pouch route.

The picture is about 3 ft wide by about 4 1/2 ft long, heavily embroidered.  It has archival quality glass in the picture and is a heavy, heavy piece of picture and frame.  We have to hang it with 3 heavy duty screws and plugs.

Anyhow, his goal was to hang it today before it got damaged.  While he started on that, I quick ran and pulled out other pictures and he was kind enough to hang them as well.  Other than the front porch, which was the shelf painting room and stores most of our boxes, the rest of the house has its shelves and pictures hung!  I’d like to place something in the bathroom but need to figure that out yet!

So if I can figure out the layout in DD’s room for the two bookshelves, then I can sort out our bookshelves.  I have asked DH to hang my white board by next Monday, because we are starting school then, no if’s or buts!

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2 Responses to Pictures are Hung!

  1. jodysgirl94 says:

    You are getting so much accomplished! Great job! 😀

  2. Elaine says:

    So where are the pictures of the newly decorated rooms??? Come now you know your friends need to see what your home looks like. 😆

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