Wonderful Wednesday

From my Daughter’s perspective yesterday was wonderful.  🙂

In the morning I got another good coat on the floor.  I can now move on to the varnish!  Doing a little happy dance here.

The kids and I had a fairly good morning.  I did a fair amount of work in the kitchen.  I maintain that the dishwasher doesn’t save you work, as the loading and unloading take as long as it does to wash, dry and put them away.  However, the dishwasher does move that time involved to different times of the day, and that is the difference.

Part of my time in the kitchen was making a nice Bread for lunch with a cottage cheesecake type layer and a nice layer of Blueberries on top!  It was yum!   Then there was the prepping of the steaks in the marinade.

After lunch when Dh awoke, I had us all go to town for a bit.  I had some bills to pay and the DC were driving me nuts yesterday.  I really had the beginnings of a Migraine (the heat and light the cause) and didn’t want to bring it on by going out with them alone!

Then we hit the dollar store.  My birthday is June 18th, and Father’s Day is the 17th this year.  Last year, my birthday was the day before Father’s Day.  It was my 30th and I ended up cancelling my party because I had so many people call and say how they were trying to fit going to my party in around visiting their Dad!  That really bothered me.  Especially since no one told me, no, seriously don’t cancel your big party.  I love birthdays!  Anyhow, the kids wanted to get DH and I gifts, so we went to the dollar store.  It was cute to see them walking around with things stuffed up their shirts!  The clerk spoke poor English and had a hard time understanding why I didn’t want to see what my kids were buying!  Anyhow, I know I am getting some presents this year 🙂

Dinner was steak with rice and steamed cauliflower, broccolli and carrots with a smidgen of butter.  I enjoyed it, but judging from someone’s use of butter over the dish he found that it was dry.  Oh well!  I enjoyed it!

After supper I walked/ran behind the DD for about 6 blocks on her bike.  We went to the park near our house and along the trails.  We are so close to the River trails here.  Anyone coming to visit is welcome to tell me they want to pack lunches and we do a pot-luck picnic along the river.  There is so much to see.  If they have canoes, we can have even more fun 😀  It is beautiful around here.

Anyhow, the DD was thrilled that she was biking.  I was too.  I do have to get training wheels for the smaller bike.  I did find that my finger tips and legs didn’t appreciate her indiscriminate use of the brakes.  Left me with a few indents and marks!

It was too cute, I had no idea how thrilled she was, but this morning instead of coming straight to me for her little A.M. cuddle she went to Daddy and told him all about her biking!  It was too cute.  Dh was quite out of it, so I told her she can tell him again at lunch time 😀

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2 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Happy early birthday! I identify with your birthday-on-a-holiday dilemma, as my dad’s birthday is usually the same weekend as Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday falls right around Father’s Day. (We just did a lot of joint celebrations.)

  2. Elaine says:

    I too can relate to the birthday/holiday delima. My birthday falls on or around Thanksgiving. When you are young it is hard when everyone forgets your birthday because of the holiday.

    One thing that I’ll say for my hubby is that a few years ago when this happened we were having Thanksgiving dinner up at his uncle & aunts house. I left the room for a bit and when I came back to my chair there was a Little House season of DVDs laying there. He made sure that I got recogninized.

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