Thankful Thursday

Oh I am just so thrilled!

Thrilled enough to be staying up late to type this, well into Friday for that matter 🙂

Tonight I got the last coat of varnish on the floor of the room that will become our Bedroom.  Technically it is the last of the painting that we intended to do in the house.  There is one ceiling (the kitchen) that has been revealed as yucky because of my painting of that rooms walls.  And since I have the gallon of ceiling paint, I will likely paint that room by the end of the fall.  But for now I am done painting the house.

Tomorrow I will tackle the pair of bookshelves.  I need these done so that we can use them to form a kind of wall in one room so that DD will have a section of the room and then with a rod and curtain, we can have a section of that room as our school room.  I am going to work hard and try and get them done by this Monday.

The floor needs 3 days to cure, so we can move furniture come Monday.  I am going to varnish the inside of the bookshelves so that the school books won’t get stuck to the shelves, so they will take a few more days to dry but I should have everything organized and unpacked by the end of my birthday week.

And I just want to put a shout out of JOY! because my mother (and father but since he is still in Kenya and doesn’t know yet) bought me meters and meters of fabric.  I can do the nice official looking Pinch Pleat Curtains in my Great room that I wanted.  And she bought me enough to make the three windows have triple fullness sheers as well.  She instructed me to get the material I really wanted, but I didn’t want to spend that much.

Tonight we went out to the LENS Mill’s store in Cambridge and found a better priced fabric that will do very nicely (much more classy than what I originally picked).  Then she spoiled me by picking sheers to go with it.  And then to spoil me even more, bought me meters of this insulating type fabric to line the curtains with.  This will act as a barrier and help keep the afternoon sun from beaming in those windows and simply scorching our Great Room with heat.

While she was pricing the last fabric, I ducked up to the register and bought all my notions as I didn’t want her to pay for those too 😆

Either way, for what it would have cost me to buy fabric for just the one window, I am getting all of my windows in the Great Room done.

I am debating with myself.  So far we are on our third week of vacation from Homeschool.  Technically the kids are done their work for the year, but I did start us on various things Charlotte Mason style.  I am debating if we should start that again next week or if I want to take a full month off.  I think I am going to start back again next week.  Do a nice gradual re-entry into the school mode.  The DD has impressed me with how well she is doing with reading, and the DS is trying out various skills on his own but it will be good to go things a little more structured again 🙂

Tonight I am happy, but now I am tired 😆

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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. BrendaS says:

    Congratulations on the completion of the floors & walls! That’s A LOT of work!!!!!!!!!

    Now you have curtains to sew…I take it you enjoy sewing?…or that could be A LOT of work too!!!!! I am sure it will look wonderful when you are done!


  2. celticmuse says:

    I tagged you to tell our path to homeschooling your children….

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