Tidying Tuesday

In keeping with the tea-towel theme, today was my floor mopping day.

I think this house is a very good size for us, especially when we get the last room into use.  Currently it is empty.  I might even put the last coat of wall paint on the floor tonight.  Then I have 3 coats of varnish scheduled per the recommendation of one of my internet buddies who has experience with these kind of things.

I have a recommendation when it comes to adopting pets.  If at all possible, don’t fall in love with a long haired cat.  Ninety percent of the stuff I vacuum and get off the floor is from our lovely Gray Furry a.k.a. Gray Fury a.k.a. Gray Phantom a.k.a. Paw-casso (which is her real name).  Our Orange kitty, Nick a.k.a. Nick-cato a.k.a. Nick-ee a.k.a. Nick-o-lass (Nick being his real name) is shedding some of his winter coat too, but if I brush him once or twice a week there is nary an orange hair to be seen when I sweep where as I have the strong suspicion that I will see a new gray dust bunny come morning time, even though Gray Furry had a 2 hour grooming session with the Boy a.k.a. #1 a.k.a. Dhudi a.k.a. his real name and I.  I know when petting her shortly after the kidlets went to sleep tonight I already had more fur all over me and said session was only 2 hours prior to the cuddle fest.

Anyhow, I was very happy with the length of time it took to sweep all the floors in the house except for the front porch and bedrooms (two are carpet and the other is the one getting painted).  Then I just as quickly Chamois Mopped the floors.  Can I say, those Chamois Mops from Holland are the best!  My floors feel great to my bare feet and #1 had to get up to go to the bathroom as I was mopping the kitchen, having just done the bathroom, and the bathroom was already dry!

In other news, the cartridge inside the Moen Faucet is leaking profusely.  Now, the pressure of the portable dishwasher has a very whole lot to do with this fact.  I’d take it apart but I have a bit of a history of using a little too much force when annoyed and so I have informed DH he can have until this weekend to fix it before I move into fix it myself.  And I can’t ensure that I will remember to turn off the water.

And last but not least, the DD finally got her new to us Mattress.  I am not the most fond of buying second hand mattresses, but that is the way it is right now.  We shopped around and found one that looked to be in very good shape.  I wanted to CSI the mattress but was lacking in CSI equipment.  If I had the equipment, I’d likely be buying her a brand new mattress since funds wouldn’t be the question then 😆

Also, this morning we headed off to the Neighbourhood Co-op Group, called the Two River’s Group.  Guelph has these groups set up, two in every ward.  They run things like Clothing Exchanges, The Garden Fresh Basket Programs, Summer Camp Programs, Speakers, Coffee-Hour, Pot-lucks and Craft Nights to name a few.  I wrote down a bunch of the scheduled events.  The group’s “office” is in the school about 2 minutes from our house walking.  So the kids are registered for a summer camp.

I kind of like all the things I am learning about our new city 🙂

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3 Responses to Tidying Tuesday

  1. BrendaS says:

    Hey there!!!

    Glad you are settling in nicely and making your new house a home!

    You are doing a tremendous amount of work…but I am sure the rewards of seeing it all spruced up to your liking are wonderful!!!

    How is your pneumonia coming along?


  2. Elaine says:

    Sounds like your house is becoming a home.

  3. songbirdy says:

    I never did go to the hospital. I am still coughing up a fair amount of “stuff.” I should go, but went to the walk-in clinic and it was so full. There is a big doctor shortage here, and I didn’t want to make others too sick.

    I find I do have an exhaustible supply of energy! Come 8 p.m. I have to lay down. Then I get up at around 10 p.m. and paint or something! I am just focusing on the fact that when I am done, I can finish unpacking.

    The kids have been trying very hard to help!

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