Manic Monday with Directions

Yesterday was Quite A Day.

One of the features of our new home is that it is old.  🙂  So that means that things like plumbing and electricity were added after the house was built.  The basement was dug and formed after the house was built.

Sunday evening on our walk around the Speed River I learned some interesting facts about the area that made me smile because I knew our little house was there for them!  More on that later.

My Monday was washing day.  It reminds me of those house wife towels that have the day of the week and then the chore for the day listed on them.

Because the house is so old, there is no plumbing in the basement, nor are there taps outside of the house.  We have the bathroom tub and sink, and the kitchen sink.  That’s it for areas from which we can fetch water.

My father is an excellent DIY-er, and promised to help us hook up the washing machine to the house’s plumbing but got called to Kenya for just under a month (1 day under) to do some urgent work.  So we decided to wait for Dad to come back rather than pay a plumber full fee’s for laundry.

My mother offered to let us do laundry at her house.  My Monday involved a timer, and me shuffling laundry.  My parents house used to be my Grandparent’s house.  Grandpa still lives there.  They did a lot of changes so that Grandpa could have his own apartment on the ground floor, so for the most part, the house doesn’t feel like Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  However the basement is the same.  Yesterday brought back so many memories of being a little girl and sneaking into the forbidden basement with my cousins!

I had to rush home to pick-up our possible new Baby-sitter for a get to know you visit.  And I found several messages from a very cranky DH who had finished his first aide training half an hour early and was wanting to know where I was!  I tried Googling sitter’s house.  Well that didn’t work, it was a new sub-division.  She is 15, and gave me directions to her house.  It took a bit to figure out where we could start as she didn’t know any street names.  Since she is the daughter of the Pastor at my Brother and SIL’s church, we decided to get the directions as if she was leaving church to go home.

-turn right out of the parking lot.

-at the lights with the Coffee-Time, I’m very sure its a Coffee-Time, but it could be 7-11 (it was 7-11) turn right.

-turn left at the first lights down the BIG hill before Victor-Davis Pools.  Well, its a fair bit before the pools.  (note: Guelph is hilly, so to say BIG hill is not a clear direction there are lots of BIG hills)

-turn right on the road just before the Brick wall that says STONERIDGE, but the stone part is covered by bushes and you likely won’t see them.

-follow that until you get to the Bear Claw Plaza at a 4-way stop, turn left.

-our street is off that, turn left on to it.  [what’s the name of your street?  I don’t remember.  Could you please go and check?  Now?  Yes!  Just put the phone out and check the sign at the corner and run back here, okay?  Okay ?!?]

Believe it or not we got there!  No real mistakes.  At the beginning we were sure we had the correct street, but went around 1 block to double check that the next intersection didn’t have a Coffee-Time.  And since DH’s work was 3 buildings over from her Father’s church, I was able to pick up DH too.

Exhausting Day!  I was more amazed than she was that I found my way to her house!

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4 Responses to Manic Monday with Directions

  1. Elaine says:

    Sounds almost like a wild goose chase but with better results. 😆

    Glad you found the house. How will the new sitter work with your kids? Do they seem to click?

    I’d never heard a 7-11 called a Coffee Time. 😕

  2. That’s exactly how I would give directions if I did. But I don’t. I say . . . “Here, I’ll let you talk to DOB and he’ll explain it.”

  3. kimhsmom says:

    Glad you found her house…

  4. songbirdy says:

    The funniest thing that we realized is that she nearly lives kitty corner to us 🙂

    But yes, I was just so happy to find her house 😆

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