Home Improvements

Well, I’ve been painting again.

Slapping the paint on the walls is fun once I’ve started.  The house is a bit of an open concept house.  Really we have 6 rooms, the basement and then enclosed porch.  I am not painting the porch, the basement, one of the rooms, or the bath room.

I’ve finished painting the Great Room (Living/Dinning), what was the Master Bedroom (will now be DD’s room and School Room), and the vast majority of what is now the Master Bedroom and Kitchen.  We also painted the ceiling together.  Actually the Great Room too.  Dh would load the Rollers and I would paint, it went really fast.

However, in the school room/now Master Bedroom, I had hoped to do two walls of a Green colour, but we didn’t have enough paint.  So now I have to paint the remaining wall beige.  Last night I got the first coat on the last wall.

The kitchen required a second coat of the purple, and the beige on the other walls.  I did the second coat of purple yesterday and the first coat of the beige.

Then I took the beige and fixed up any areas that we had marked up moving in.

After which I have some bookshelves for the school room to paint that we took from the garage.  I will have to varnish them afterwards as wall paint doesn’t wear well.

Then the floor in the master bedroom needs to be painted.  We figured it out that paint will be cheaper than carpet at this point, even cheap laminate.  At some point then we can re-floor that room.  But at the moment, a higher priority are the windows and the bathroom.

Not that these repairs are going to be done anytime really soon but a preliminary list:

-new windows (2 of which are in urgent need of replacement)

-new bathroom.  The current one has functional plumbing, but when they put on the addition they just built it over the existing bathroom lean too.  So we have no ventilation for one!  The roof of over the toilet is very low, but is just open attic above that.   Right now we think gutting the room, putting in a shower stall instead of a bath tub and ventilation will be our goal.

-Gutting the two bedrooms in the main part of the house.  These have slat and plaster, which isn’t bad, but the proportions of the rooms are not good.  If we split them more evenly, put up drywall and get nice smooth walls we’d do really good for our house value.

Then, if we still like the neighbourhood and such, we’d consider pushing up the roof and doing an addition.

Most of those are really subjective.  We’ll likely for sure do the windows and bathroom.  At which point we might sell.  The housing market in Guelph tends to really boom at points.  We’ve bought the house in a low in the market.  So we could ride the trend a bit.  But then there is the question of do we want to have to buy at the high side of the trend too!

Anyhow, I found a material for the curtains in the kitchen and Great Room.  I am going to use the same fabric.  Because of the colours of the paint in those rooms, the material actually looks different as different things pop out of the pattern.

Don’t worry, I will post pictures, but some how that camera is still not able to take pictures 😉

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2 Responses to Home Improvements

  1. Elaine says:

    Sounds like things are moving right along with your new home. I eagerly look forward to seeing the pictures, when the camera is willing to shoot again ;), of all your hard work and the result of same. 😆

  2. gingerporter says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures….Hurry, hurry….:)

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