Pieces of Eight ~ Meme

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Not tagged, but picked up voluntarily from here :Dewey’s Treehouse I guess there will be a day that I am not interested in doing these but for now lol

1.  I am very particular, to the point of paralysis about my laundry.  This OCD-ism applies to my cupboards in the kitchen, how I colour-code hang my husbands clothes, etc.  I say it is in the name of efficiency, for example, it is easier to find Basil in the spice cupboard when they are in alphabetical order.  However, it gives me a slight thrill to see such orderliness in my otherwise chaotic life.  So you won’t find me changing any time soon!

2.  I like ironing.  I rarely iron, and deliberately buy clothes I don’t have to iron,  But when I am very angry, a good attack at the ironing pile seems to really relax me.  Don’t tell my hubby!

3.  I get a thrill cleaning windows.  Now this only works if they are noticeably dirty.  I don’t feel the same way about cleaning mostly clean windows.  But there is something to making a window look sparkly shiny and wonderful.

4.  I don’t actually like cooking.  I am good at it, I make delicious food.  But I don’t really like cooking.  I’d be happy eating out all the time if we could afford it.  Really, food has lost its obsession with me.  I used to be totally addicted to food.  There is something to having done my big weight loss and the amount of time and control it took to engineer that loss that leave me not fond of food.  Don’t worry, I eat well and still have weight to loose.  But even at my peak of weight, I didn’t like cooking or baking.

5.  I sew, I knit, I crochet, I weave, I embroider and Needlepoint.  The truth is, I like change, so I usually have 3 handicrafts going at the same time.  Remarkably, for the last 6 years I have completed a huge amount of these crafts.  The majority go to bless others because, quite frankly, I don’t often like my work!  My annal retentiveness does play into this lack of like in my work!  lol

6.  Home Schooling and Restorative Care.  Those are two of my titles in the recent year I like the most!  I would count being a mother as an older title that I still enjoy.

7.  Motherhood.  I do love being a mom.  However, lately I find myself too stressed out to really be a good mother.  I was very happy and confident, but I find my DH situation has left me being an “enough to get by” mother rather than the energetic, engaging and encouraging mother I want to emulate for our children.  I find myself more desiring of being left alone than of our times together.  I am hoping I can get out of this soon.  My mother and Aunt have come together really nicely and are working on helping me through this patch!

8.   Reading.  I will always read.  I do try to balance my genres and pick a wide variety and selection.  Lately I find myself really drawn away from “light” books.  Likely because I am in a more serious mood all the time.  I read an average of 4 – 5 books a month.  Pretty consistantly.  When I was depressed after my daughter’s birth, I actually stopped reading.  That was the thing that when I noticed it, told me I had a problem!

Well, there you go.  I guess personal.  I tried funny, but at the moment they were coming out sarcastic so I went serious!  Interesting how the cleaning crept in!  Must have to do with all the cleaning I have had to do to this house!  Windows were my job last night!  Today I must paint the kitchen!

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One Response to Pieces of Eight ~ Meme

  1. sumijoti says:

    This was fun, Roberta. I’m so like you on the food issue, I can cook well too, but I just don’t like to. For me it has something to do with the cleaning up afterwards, maybe?

    I also don’t often like my own handiwork. I’m picky too, I guess.

    You can come and clean my windows and organise my cupboards!



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