Clean Air Day

So how’s this for fun!

[Spoken like a country hick!]

Today all the buses in Guelph are Free! Last night at my first Guelph Home School Support Group meeting I learned that Guelph is “sold” by Real Estate Agents to Hip Torontonians as being the Crunchiest City in Ontario! I don’t know if that is true, but hey! We definately have a Crunchy Garbage system. The kids and I find ourselves standing in front of the fridge side where I have taped the guidelines several times a day trying to figure out where the item we have in our hands belongs! White, Green or Blue!

Anyhow. I am also going to try and get us a City Phone book. Using Canada 411 works, but kind of labourious! I am the sort that still loves the feel of a search through a paper book and do find it so much more rapid than entering a password, pulling up the Brouwser, clicking on the web site in my bookmarks, waiting for it to load, entering my search, refining my search, and then hunting for the phone! 😆

Oh well, time to run! … ride!

Post Script:

We had a blast!  We spent the day riding buses, walking through the downtown and so forth.  Nearly 7 hours out and about!

It was nice.  I think the kids and I can do this quite easily.  I also learned that with planning I can take the kids to TO for only $25 one-way on the train.  That would be quite fun and now I have to figure out a good plan/trip.

One thing we are going to work on is DS’s mouth.  He was lipping off about the idiots whose pants hang off their hips, and stuff like that all day.  I know where he gets it from and have spoken to him a lot, but he hasn’t learned.  Today twice I had a very frank talk about him that sometimes those “idiots” get very angry with lippy kids and wouldn’t have a problem letting the lippy child know that they were fed up with him.

He also has a habit of broadcasting everything.  All our information, etc.  So I have to work on getting a filter in front of his mouth.  And work on the source of some of his behaviours.  Thankfully we are not in contact with this person/family too often, but they will be in his life forever so he will have to learn to choose his own words and thoughts!

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One Response to Clean Air Day

  1. Elaine says:

    Glad that you are able to get around so easily and inexpensively.

    About the lippy kid….not an easy thing but it can be done. Discernment is a maturity issue. All the best to you.

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