First Meal

The dishwasher is running as the dishes from our first meal are being cleaned.

It was nothing amazingly special, good ol’ Pancakes 🙂  Sure to be repeated.

We’ve discovered that the water here is affecting the taste of many of the things.  Our morning coffee, the taste of the food, and so on.

Moving day went rather well.  As always, there were stressful moments and ones that left me wanting to yell a bit.

This morning we had to go back and move our camper to our friend’s house.  Since we have the agreement to continue to attend the church there till DH is ready to move to another congregation, we just went over to the house after school.  The landlord’s sons have moved into the house.  We had to laugh because they had everything open and were busily working on the pool.  We could see that the had a television set up and could hear the speakers blaring.

It shall be interesting for the landlord.  He met my DH at the driveway and didn’t say thank you or anything to DH, just you owe me $ for the hydro.  Go figure!

Last night I was up quite late, till midnight.  I worked hard at getting a few things set up for the kids and DH.  Our son had a panic attack in the bathtub last night.  He couldn’t get the taps to turn off, as they are special.  The good ol’ don’t turn to far or they’ll go back on sort of special.

We’ve started making a list of various things needing fixing.  There are quite a few little things.  The windows being the largest cost item, followed by redoing the bathroom.

I’ve almost got the house mostly painted.  I haven’t done the bathroom nor the room the kids sleep in.  We’ve decided that if we come across a cheap set of bunk beds, that they would be a very good purchase.  There is less than 1 foot of space in between their beds.  The width is acceptable, but it would have been better if they had more space in between.  But really I just want them to sleep in that room so it will do for now!

Well that is about it.  I am very tired!

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5 Responses to First Meal

  1. celticmuse says:

    but it seems as if it is a good tired. I’m so happy for you being in the house.

  2. Sheri says:

    Isn’t moving into a new home just endless fun?!

    I think pancakes is a good way to break in a new home….makes it smell like home.

  3. I am so happy everything went relatively well for moving day. There are always issues that we stress over, but looking back they really weren’t that big a deal.

    Pancakes sounds like a yummy first meal at your new home. Everyone likes them and they smell so homey.

  4. Birdie says:

    Congratulations on getting moved in safely!

  5. songbirdy says:

    Thank you 😀

    It is beginning to look a lot like home. 😆

    My mother is going around telling me of all the things I need to do, for example make slip covers for the sofa set.

    And since I have to make the curtains for the room, why don’t I buy matching material to make the slip covers, don’t cha know! 😆

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