Quick to Disconnect!

Hi All,

just a brief entry.  My former ISP was very quick to disconnect our service.  As in 1/2 an hour after I called we were disconnected from the internet, nevermind that it was to be this coming Saturday!

We are all doing okay.  We suspect I have Pneumonia.  From the coughing and such and the other symptoms too yeuchy to mention here!

The hubby and I spent this past weekend painting, painting, painting.  He doesn’t like ladders at all, so I was climbing up and down, and up and down, and a little more up and down.  I am so sore in the general behind area!

I am actually at the new house right now, as our new ISP connected us early.  So I begged DH to let me pack up the computer and get online for a few seconds of time.  I have to sand down and prep the kitchen.  We are painting it tonight and tomorrow.  It will be a lilac/purple colour.  The main colour for the house is a coffee and cream colour.  Our bedroom is a buttery yellow.  The classroom has (or will have) 3 walls coffee and cream and one wall is a minty colour.  Very nice.  It also has a sky light and is very welcoming.  I also have to paint the floor in that room as that is all we can financially do at this moment.   I am thinking a nice charcoal for the floor.

The tar that I have been cleaning off of things shows us that despite what they said, the previous owner did smoke heavily in the house.  We thought the Chandelier was a disgusting yellow with fake crystals.  After several soakings, I have discovered it is really crystal with a lovely greenish tinge.

Anyhow… I really should go and start washing the kitchen walls.  One last item of good news, DD had her first Ultrasound after her Reflux Induction Procedure and things look good.  Now we wait another 2 months and go for another VCUG.  That will be the real proof we need to know if things are working.

I hope you are well.  I shall have to check up on all of you later!

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3 Responses to Quick to Disconnect!

  1. Glad to hear the painting’s going well, although not so good to hear you’re sick! Please take care of yourself, don’t push too hard even though I know there is so much to do. 😉

  2. BrendaS says:

    Glad to hear you are getting things done!

    Sorry to hear about the pneumonia! That’s no good!!!! It is a hard thing to shake, too, when you are busy and pushing yourself physically! You will HAVE to take some time to rest after you get moved in!

    I laughed when you said dh doesn’t like ladders. He is SO TALL, you would think he was used to the air up there!!! 🙂 That is good ‘step’ exercising you are doing, though…without having to buy one of those steppers! You’ll have to keep it up so that you don’t have to endure any more pain for the gain!


  3. lovingewe says:

    Oh memories. Glad its you and not me!
    Took eight wachiong of every ceiling in this house to get that streaky smoke smog off. All the best. At least its yours this time.

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