Well, this morning was spent with reams of paper. Okay, slightly exagerating and yet there was a fair amount.

The morning started (once we were out of the house) with a stop by the bank where I fetched a Bank Draft. While I was so tempted to ask for 10 – $1,000 bills, I resisted the urge to feel so fabulously rich for the sake of vanity. I, more sensibly, took the draft.

I finally got to met our Lawyer. Really liked the man. It was a nice meeting.

I have a few things to do and started the last few details.

Then after we had a quick lunch of my special Bran/Cheerio Blueberry Muffins, it was off to the grocery store.

The bread machine just kicked in with the Calzone dough.  The smell of freshly crushed garlic is wafting through the air.

So… still packing left to do. Need to pack up the DC’s clothes to go to Grandma’s house for the weekend. I’m selling them to her for the weekend. She gives me a cheque and I loan her the kids. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it. Of course I’m going to use the money to pay our lawyer, but that is just a piffling detail. Btw, “piffling” is spelled with a double “ff” I checked it out.

DD is sitting next to me writing her best friend a letter.

Dear ******,

I love you! We are moving to our new house on June the 2nd.  Will you visit me there?



Anyhow.  I am exhausted from yesterday.

It started with a long phone call with our Pastor.

Then fidgeting with packages of meat as we tried to fit the cow into the freezer space we had.

Then packing up the back room, with much assistance by Fly-friend Anne.

Then painting (sigh, bad typo leaving out the “t”  😆 ) with Brenda.

Then a lovely visit and supper with Brenda and kidlets, 1 1/2 & 2 1/2, or A & B, or D & B?… the jury is still out on that!

Some more packing and cleaning.

Some reading and reading.

Some sleeping.

Okay… it is becoming apparent to me as I sit here typing that I need some more sleeping!

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2 Responses to Paperwork!

  1. lovingewe says:

    You sound a tab bit excited about this move!
    Good for you!

    Can relate to the freezer situation ( and the ice cream clean up). Last pig I gave 1/2 away due to shortage of room- and we have two freezers! Oh to be Canadian, and a farmer.

  2. BrendaS says:

    Keep up the good work there girl! You are going to make it!!!!! 🙂

    Yes, and get some SLEEP! I had to sleep the WHOLE next day after all the work you made me do with that paining…I mean painting! Okay…like 1 1/2 & 2 1/2 (it IS easier to say A & B) would LET me sleep all day! THAT would be nice, wouldn’t it?

    Glad you will get some kidless time on the weekend to get some MORE work done. Perhaps after you move you should sell them to Grandma for another day or two just to get some rest and down time for yourself!


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