School is going well!

Well the kiddo’s are working hard in school. I am really satisfied/proud of their work.

Today was a bit of a banner day. DS finished his second Pathways Reader and accompanying work book this year. Of course I miscalculated and packed away the next set, so he was both celebrating his achievement and the fact that he has two weeks off reading. I’d find something! πŸ˜†

And DD finished the second Unit of her BJU K-5 program. She started the the first unit on February 19th. Since she just finished the section that had to do with Christmas, that means she covered a whole lot of work in a few months. I have to almost sit on that girl! I predict she will be done this program come the end of August. I am going to put her onto the Pathways now too. DS is doing so well I don’t think there will be a competition issue.

They are really doing well with my integration program to switch us to a more Charlotte Mason based school. I have to be careful how I do this because the DH is very negative about homeschooling right now, so I also want to have lots to “show.”

I think my solution will be for the kids and I to do a lot of projects and collective notebooks. I already used the Book of the Centuries template available from and had it and a few extra blank pages bound into a large coil at Staples. Every time we read about someone, I will help them make an entry into our book. It is my thought that when they get to Grade 4, they will get their own book to start filling.

I have been scouring the internet for good Canadian blank maps. I want to do a lot of geography by “coincidence.” We are using the Donalda Dickie re-vamped by Rudiger Krause My First History of Canada for Canadian History. So I would like to do Geography as we come across places in our history readings.

So about my integration plan.

I started by organizing myself. I went and found various books and sources. I combined information I could find and to please the hubby scoured my bookshelves. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a large supply of “Living Books” on my shelves. Which, I suppose, is why this method feels so right to me πŸ™‚ .

I have come up with a system of large 5 1/2 x 8″ note cards. Because I was afraid of the cards spilling and having to spend hours re-sorting.

Then I took the various books I selected and filled out cards for each book. Essentially I copied the Chapter Index. Now, some books clearly had nice sections in a Chapter, so I would flip through the book and write those down under the Chapter Headings on my Card.

I colour coded for subjects.

So I have book cards for books for History (both World and Canadian), Science (body and weather), Geography (Paddle-to-the-sea), Math (MUS, individualize to the child), Literature (too many to list), Composer Studies, Poet Studies (3 selected so far), Art Appreciation, Art techniques, Nature walks, Hymn study, Memorization, Bible, English (individualized to the child), Penmanship (individual), and Spelling (individual).

Then I made up a schedule. I then have little dividers and filed cards that we are currently working on under Daily, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If we are to skip a day, I simply shift things around.

Since we already have a routine going, all I did was add something in the Charlotte Mason Style every now and then.

Some things we already did, I switched a little bit and tweaked to make more CM. Other things, like spelling, are not really CM but my children really enjoy. So I kept them but have relaxed my emphasis on them.

One of the first things I added was Memorization. Its been a few weeks and they are really starting to know their cards we started. We use the card-file system on . It is very exciting to see the kids do memorization!

Another was the hymn study. The kidlets often ask me to sing for them. So I now sing a specific hymn to them, line by line, and they are memorizing it too.

Then we added Poetry Study. They have already memorized their first Christina Rossetti poem, “The Caterpillar,” and are well on the way to memorizing, “What do Bee’s Do?”

I tweaked the Music Appreciation we did, into a Composer study. We have exhausted my library of Vivaldi, and have moved on to Mozart. What is cool about the Mozart for us is that one of the CD’s I own of Mozart recordings has selections sung by me! So they get to hear Mommy. They like Mozart πŸ˜†

We were doing Geography, but I packed that book away. I figured we could wait a little bit with it, as I am a little stuck finding a nice map. My cartography is very… rudimentary so I want to find a nice collection of blanks for me to copy.

Today I added Canadian History. The kids loved the Donalda book and wanted more. A good sign to stop!

Basically we have Science, World History, and Artist Study to add into the mix. The rest, the tweaking and additions, has gone smoothly and I feel has really enriched our days!

So there you have a nice little summary of our current school days!

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3 Responses to School is going well!

  1. lovingewe says:

    Oh I have a good geography web site written down somewhere. I shall hunt it down for you. It has each provience map, their flower and bird ect for the kids to colour and maps of full Canada.

    If you are doing each provience Roberta go to your Chamber of Commerce some time. they have great maps and tour books for the kids to cut and paste and its all free.

    Been here!

  2. songbirdy says:

    If you find it Marlyn, that would be great.

    After we move, I am going to find an address for the Saint Lawrence Seaway Authority. One of the books we are reading is for that area. I am hoping to maybe receive one of the maps that way!

  3. So glad to hear that school is going well for you and your kids! Congratulations on their “finishings!!”

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