Issues, Part 3

Let’s see…

Well, I now have the cleanest 6 year old fridge ever.

My stairwell with the wooden staircase and surrounding walls are squeaky clean.

And a wave of fatigue just hit me big time.  I have to wait up for my father who is coming to pick up our chickens.  They are going to his neighbour as we can’t take them with us.

I am going to go and eat some more ice cream and watch a t.v. show.  Likely I’ll end up tackling some other silly cleaning project before bed.  May as well turn this “energy” into something beneficial.  That or I’d end up throwing eggs at the driveshed again!

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One Response to Issues, Part 3

  1. Elaine says:

    Eating ice cream sounds like a good way to pass the time (((hugs )))

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