Friday Evening Summary

Today was a perfect weather day, in my opinion.  It was just warm enough to feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  You could sit outside in the sun and not feel scorched!  If you were working, it was a little warm.  But since I wasn’t really working, it felt wonderful!

The day started early, I wanted to get up and make some baking for the gathering I hosted this morning.  Also, I had to get in some more vacuuming.  Then there was also the bread making I had to get done for the birthday party we were attending at lunch time.

We had a nice informative morning.

I want to really sit down after this and study the package she gave us, as she mentioned that there were directions in the package for making older style aprons.  I have started wearing my apron more often.  There is something to be said for prevention!  However, I am a little more blessed in height and width than the women the store aprons are designed for and often find my apron sliding and providing “half” coverage.  Which frustrates me and is the reason I don’t wear them often.  A half apron is useless in my opinion as the lower half is usually not the area I manage to dirty!

It was nice after the gathering because the children were able to play outside a bit.  I know I will miss all our space but, in a way, I rather look forward to less area to have to monitor.  I need to keep working with my children on the training aspect!  Right now they have become a little to quick to lead children to the creek.  Which is fine if their mother says so and if she is aware that the creek is a 10 minute walk from the house!  Yes, the creek is on our farm but not close to the house.  Then there is the fact that the creek often leads them to the dump.  And the dump is verboten!  A fact my son easily lets slide since Momma can’t see him!

So we then took a few minutes, about 30 of them, to kind of decompress.  After which we zipped off to my daughter’s friend’s house.  This is the friend that I often babysit.

It got chaotic then.  Lots of children!  My two were by far the oldest, and were ready to get into things that the younger children could not be allowed.  So there were interesting times.  Plus my son fell into a role that I don’t like him to use; that would be the one that finds me telling him, “Son, you are not the Momma!”

We got home and they were tired.  So I had them have quiet time.  I can’t send them out during the strong sun hours of the day.  My daughter’s medication means she will burn very, very easily.  I am not a fan of sun screen.  Thankfully my daughter loves long sleeves, and wide brimmed hats.  Dresses too!  😀  So I keep them in until I know they can be outside for a longer period of time.

But tonight I have put them to bed early.  I’d go to bed too, but I am laundering our sheets.  And as I have our spare set of sheets packed, I shall be forced to stay up a while longer!

Off to go and study my little package and learn how to make some aprons!

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