Still Packing

Yesterday I managed to pack 30 boxes.  I now have a nice wall of boxes to look at!

My hubby is getting the boxes from work.  He only takes home one kind of box.  This will make it easier when packing the moving truck.  I use one other size of box, the boxes in which we get our milk.  They are nice and small and I pack the books in them.  As it is those boxes are heavy.  I’ve got 15 of the book boxes so far.  I still have to lift our mattress off the books holding it up.  I am debating if I will take those books or not, but probably will so that they can hold up our bed again.

I keep telling my husband that I would simply love a matching bedroom suite!  That will be fantastic.  I want that over any other furniture.  The only matching furniture we have is our dining room set which was a wedding gift and my parents old sofa and love seat.  Everything else works together as I am a particular second hand acceptor of furniture… but I would love matching bedroom furniture.

Anyhow.  We are having company for lunch.  I need to vacuum the kitchen floor and make tea biscuits for lunch.  She didn’t want to come but I told her nonsense!  I want company!  On Friday I am hosting the Homeschool Support Group Meeting!  They don’t know it, but they will be viewing a garage sale too.  I hope to have a few items find a new home!

Anyone willing to give our doggy a new home? 🙂

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8 Responses to Still Packing

  1. BrendaS says:

    Hey Roberta!

    So, I’m just wondering…what Homeschool Support Group Meeting are you hosting on Friday?…because I LOVE garage sales!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘No thanks’ on the doggy!!!!!!!

    Brenda 🙂

  2. songbirdy says:

    Hi Brenda!

    The pre-class for the Fryfogel Inn Trip on June 18th (my birthday, lol).

    You should come over Thursday night and you can have first dibs!

  3. BrendaS says:

    OHHHHHHHH! Well, I guess we have to be at that, because we are going on that trip. I hadn’t heard that it was at your place. Did I miss something?

    I guess I’ll have to come early then, and hope no one else reads your blog to find out there is one!!!!! 🙂

    What time is the meeting supposed to be?


  4. songbirdy says:

    As far as I know Mindy hasn’t sent out a notice yet with the where part. The last notice I got just had the date with it, and said it started at 9:30 a.m. Early enough, eh?

    I’ll e-mail her and let you know via direct e-mail if I get a response.

    As far as I know no one else in the group reads my blog…

  5. Elaine says:

    Well it looks like your move is becoming more obvious and getting closer. Glad that you are being smart and using good boxes to pack stuff in.

    Do you know when you’ll be able to begin moving in yet?

  6. songbirdy says:

    We get the house on May 25th.

    Official moving day is June 2nd.

    But I have to paint a room in between. So I am borrowing my parents trailer and the kids and I will be doing runs to the house, painting and unpacking.

  7. lovingewe says:

    Been thinking of you today. I am heading your way this weekend. Wish i had time to visit but my trip is short enough as is. Perhapes next time. Happy packing!

  8. Moving day is getting closer! I hate packing & unpacking, but I love moving! I am very ready to move from here!

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