Wandering and Packing

Good Morning!

The sun is shining brightly, the DH is out mowing the lawn.  The smell of gasoline and freshly clipped grass is wafting in the windows.  I already had to rescue Nick the cat who decided to climb a window screen.  Paw-casso, the other cat, taught me last year to only open the tops of our double hung windows, Nick is teaching me that I can’t open them very far!

DH had to make a trip to the farm supply store to pick up a fuel line for the lawn mower.  I am just so happy to see the man doing stuff like this, as growing up he was always told he was useless at minor repairs and so when we got married it was a major source of irritation to me that he wouldn’t even look at something broken and call the repair person or buy a new one.

My father has really encouraged him on this issue and it is so cool to me to see him just take the top off the lawn mower and dig away and actually fix it!

That being said I was thrilled last week when I managed to fix our VCR that had been broken for at least 1 year.  I had taken it apart a few times and couldn’t see anything so I had talked to the Rental Shop guy and he gave me a few tips and BINGO!  lol!

Anyhow, while the men were outside the DD and I went wandering through the house packing up lots of boxes.  We packed 17 boxes this morning.  Its a nice feeling to get so much packed.  I am using some very small boxes for books.  Still they weigh more when packed than the boxes that we get from hubby’s work full of other things which are triple the size.  So far 10 boxes of books.

We are stopping for a break right now.  We’re going to be having my favourite Apple Cheddar Pancakes for lunch.  The kids will be having it with a nice side of their Experimental Fruit Salad.

So their tummies are rumbling and I must go…

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One Response to Wandering and Packing

  1. lovingewe says:

    Can relate. DH came from a family that always brought the ” experts in” to fix things. I came from “a do it yourself” family. Dh has learned over the last 29 years and I am forever surprised of what he can now do on his own.

    You sound peaceful packing. Lots of book huh!

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