The Book Page

Today was such a wonderful day. It was warm enough to be comfortable walking around outside in just a shirt. The kids and I walked all over downtown today. Our next flock of chickens arrived today and I knew Daddy needed a quiet house, so after co-op day I drove us to town.

We took in a Charity BBQ and my smiling polite kids were blessed with triple servings. And a little radio interview. That made their day.

Stratford is full of awesome shops. But not all of them are kid friendly, most are but not all.

Anyhow there is this specialty Old Book Store called the Book Page.

It is one of those stores that is in an old house. There is shelving around each and every wall. The books are piled all over. There is a huge table in each room and stacked high with old books.

I had peeked in the windows several times. But it is run by an older gentleman who doesn’t post hours. This is his “fun thing” so I have never been inside the place.

But today I saw people sitting on his large porch underneath the tree full of Apple blossoms. I was a bit hesitant to go in with my children, but we dared.

He immeadiately showed the kids to a room stacked with books. Then he proceeded to show them literally hundreds of wonderful books. Once they were sitting on the floor underneath the large table with a pile of books each he came and helped me find my own large collection of books to look through.

Umm…. bliss! Eventually we moved out onto his porch as well. The kids ran around a bit, and I continued to read and play with books.

IT was a wonderful, wonderful afternoon.  And best of all, when I just gave my daughter a hug I could smell the old book smell on her hair!

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