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Well, I cut the boy’s hair today. What an adventure!

When he was two he fidgeted so much in the “chair” that by accident he got his ear lobe cut. It bleed and bleed. Since then he has been a royally bad customer. When he was 4 I bought a buzzer set and would buzz his hair off. Now he needs to have a style. So I have been scissor cutting his hair. Typically this involves sticking this round space ship type hair catcher around his neck and snipping as quick as I can to get the job done. His fidgeting, whining and complaining typically means a 45 minute hair cut.

This morning I asked him if he wanted a huge bowl of ice cream for breakfast. There was a vibrant YES! So I told him to get the wooden stool and place it on the linoleum section of the kitchen. I whipped out the hair saucer and popped it in place. And snip! Once you get the first lock off, you have to continue right?

Boy was he mad!

But reminders of the ice cream meant it only took me 20 minutes this time! How is that for excitement! And I like his cut this time. He is less than impressed.

I try to be nice and cut his hair as infrequently as possible. I actually took 2 inches off the top!

So, come to my house for a hair cut, this hair dresser pays you! A bubble bath and a bowl of ice cream 😀

By the way, he had to style the hair for the pictures.  I’d say there is about 1/4 cup hair gel in that hair!  Oh well, he should have it figured out by the time he gets much older!

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One Response to Saturday

  1. What a handsome young man you have there, Roberta. I love the idea of ice cream for b’fast to go with a new haircut! Bribery works wonders!

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