Modern Nature Studies

With all this lovely weather, my children came home from Co-op day today and somehow lost their way from the garage to the house and ended up in a mud puddle somewhere on the farm.

This is something that I am going to miss when we move.  I won’t be able to allow sponanteous explorations to the degree that I am able to allow them now.

The Trekkers:


The last few weeks we have been having a lot of fun going outside, despite the weather.  I’ve been taking our digital camera along, and here is a compliation of several of our trips.  I have so enjoyed taking these pictures.  The children also take their own pictures, but I choose not to use them here.

One of these trips we had so much fun throwing rocks in the creek.  I took our digital camera along and set it to speed rapid fire pictures… and we learned some lessons that I never learned until high school about what water looks like when something is thrown into it.  We had well over 500 pictures from this lovely sponatneous experiment.  I have selected a few of the more spectacular exhibits to share with you here to day.

Splash 1

Splash 2

Splash 3

Here is one of my better observations.  I was trying to find things to show the kids that were alive and growing.  I was thrilled to have seen these as they very nicely blended into their surroundings.  They were very tiny, about 1 cm across.

Mushrooms 1

Mushrooms 2

And some Moss was the only other living thing we saw that day:


I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what we saw on our various trekking days!

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2 Responses to Modern Nature Studies

  1. I love your trekkin’! What fun adventures you have had! Your photo’s really made me miss Alaska though.

  2. hs4hmom says:

    Very nice pictures. I like the water ones–very cool. It’s good you have so many interesting placees to go explore.

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