It has been a few days.

I hope you have all faired well through this latest weather system.  We were on the very outside western end of the system and the winds were phenomenal.  Our daughter had a birthday party, the 3rd in 1 week, and I took the opportunity to visit the somewhat local yarn store.  I had just paid for my purchases via Interac when the hydro went out.  It was very localized to a specific block of the village we were in.  The lights were out at that block, but on down the road 2 intersections.  We walked outside and could still see the sparks flying off the transformer block!

This past weekend we took a family trip to the Home Show in Toronto.  It was interesting.  We knew that it would be a big huge market place, and it was.  But we did get some contacts for some very interesting improvements that we can do to our house.  We also signed up for quotes to replace various windows in our new home.  Because we signed up at the show, if we go with this company we will get 3 pane windows for the cost of the regular version.  There is a bay window that needs attention sooner than later.  The rest will be done as the money allows.

DH is working as hard and arduous as normal.  The children are as lively and energetic as normal.  I am still fighting that “thing” in my chest and unfortuneately this is becoming normal as well.

I have started to make lists of what to do for the move.  DH has not told the landlord that we are moving yet.  The landlord is very hostile at this point and still demanding the month of rent that we had agreed not to pay.  He is threatening to increase the cost of our hydro as well.  And various other things.  I’d really liked to have told him last night, but I thought I would just keep my mouth shut and let DH deal with all of this.

We made an appointment for MOO-ses at the Butcher.  He will be making the move with us.

We need to find a new home for the dog.  Gus is not a city dog, especially because I don’t want his lovely nails on our new laminate flooring!

The boy has his first filling on Thursday.  They tried to explain to him that it has to do with how his teeth have formed.  There is a crease in the tooth that they are concerned will catch food. As it is on a molar way at the back of his mouth, they worry that his teeth brushing skills won’t keep it cavity free.  I agree, his teeth brushing skills come a far second to his skill in getting tooth paste all over the bathroom!

We are dealing with pre-anxiety at this case.

As for school news.  DH allowed me to purchase an MP3 player for the school.  I was using the laptop to play the various musical selections for our studies.  But I found it too tempting.  We discovered with his MP3 player that we can connect it to a simple set of computer speakers.  Since we have 3 sets of speakers, I have placed one set in the school room and can quickly connect the player to it and we can have the various selections without the temptation to Mamma.

Well that is about it.  I feel very blah.  Hence the title.

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One Response to Dysthimic

  1. lovingewe says:

    You might feel blaw but you post sounds rather exciting. Home Show in TO is always exciting. And a new MP3, I could get into that. My van has only a tape deck but DH’s Saturn has a MP3 player. I have been trying to figure out how to plug a CD or MP3 player into the van so I can play my CD’s. Must get to On Source and see what I could do.

    Sorry about he dog situation. Its hard to let go of a family mutt. But get you totally on the poo & scoop city thing. Country dogs rarely do well in the city. their freedom is gone.

    My guess is you didn’t get all our snow yesterday? You didn’t miss a thing. We were dumped on AGAIN, yucky wet stuff that was a pain to shovel. Good moisture for the ground though!

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