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The waivers were lifted from the offer on the House yesterday night, and it is officially ours! The Sellers have chosen to fix the electrical issue and give us certification of this being completed. So once that is done we should have no problem getting insurance.

Someone had put in an offer on the house and while we were not informed of its value, we were informed that the offer was there waiting for us to allow this to fall apart. This put a lot of pressure on DH and I and for a bit we were feeling very defeated. I was starting to really question if I could handle going on with the search and if that really was God’s will for our lives. I am glad that the deal has gone through because I was having some very deep questions rattling through my brain!

Lets see, the children and I stayed up to watch the black and white version of Little Women that I picked up for $2.99 from Giant Tiger. I had forgotten that I had bought it, but Bekki reminded me of my treat! I also took the opportunity to indulge in chocolate at the same time.

Anyhow, the reason I brought this up was because I just put the children to bed about 1 hour later than normal. I feel kind of mean. Typically at their bedtime the sunlight still pours into the bedroom windows. So even though they mess around with their night lights during the day, they aren’t scared when I don’t allow them to fetch them because it is still bright outside. I hate the fact that they have these lights in the first place but someone keeps giving the children these items.

Also, every morning they have time to make their beds, remove their sheets and blankets if needed and replace their bedding.

Well, I send them up to get ready for bed with the instruction to call me once they are completely ready. We do our prayers and reading downstairs first after they are dressed for bed and have brushed their teeth. When I send them up they are to make one more stop in the bathroom and gather all they need for bed.

Tonight they called me up. I went. They didn’t have their nightlights in place. I wouldn’t allow them to go running for them, as per normal. It is very dark outside, not typical. My daughter didn’t have a single blanket on her bed. I didn’t allow her to go and fetch any. There was one in the closet in that room and I allowed her to have it. I will put two more on her when I go to bed, but she is terrible for not doing her various jobs! I don’t require her to have a beautifully made bed, and I give her very simple bedding since she is only 5 1/2 (very important half you know! šŸ˜€ ).

Let me just say that it was not a very nice good night after a nice evening of enjoying a movie together!

Sometimes I don’t like being on the other side of the relationship! I kind of enjoyed being the angry child! Being the mother is hard work!

It is my opinion that she is able to complete her job and I have not sprung this requirement on her. Typically she does complete this job well. It is routine in our house. But I know for a fact she ignored me this morning. I gave four warnings before we had to leave for the dentist’s office. True, I forgot after we returned home, but she had time to do this before she called me upstairs to tuck her into her bed.

Sigh! I know it isn’t the end of the world.

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5 Responses to Various Topics

  1. Elaine says:

    (((hugs))) to you Birdy.
    You are right it is so much easier being the child than the parent unless you’re looking through the eyes of the child.

  2. ((hugs)) Most of the time, those are the best lessons learned…..

  3. lovingewe says:

    The toughest job in the world.

  4. lovingewe says:

    Check my blog under “Wisdom with a Smile”

  5. I think we all have been in that place occasionally, Birdy. There are time’s I really don’t like to be the parent…it’s a tough job! (((HUGS)))

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