Pictures Coming Soon!

Today is one that has left me with little energy to spare.  This morning we got up early again, fed and watered the children, coffee’d the parents and inserted ourselves into our tin can with wheels.

We went on what seemed to be a very long car ride to Guelph.  We arrived to find my parents already hard at work with the Realtor examining our house.  They did an excellent job.  Most everything they found are things that we kind of guessed at.  For example the windows.  We need to replace the windows.  We can likely get a few more years of use out of them, but that will be the next big project for the house.

However, there is some knob and tubing wiring.  Very minimal, likely only 3 feet of it is live.  There is some that is supposedly “dead” in the attic.   So this is an issue that we have been working on fixing today.  DH thought he could get ahold of reliable electricians through work, but after the kids and I waited a good 1 1/2 hours in Walmart he finally came to pick us up with no electrician.

By that point I was ready to… be without the children.  But we still had another, even longer ride home.  Those city folks are right, it is longer from the city to the country than it is from the country to the city, lol!

Dh quickly had to go to bed.  I had bought the children some decent skipping ropes at WalMart (Momma got one too), and after shortening them a wee bit, they have spent the day jumping around thumping the floor.  They really wanted a Nintendo system, but this seems to have been a good buy, lol!

I had to hurry to Stratford to the Fabric Store.  I was sewing myself a new Sunday outfit when I ran out of thread.  I had finished the skirt.  And was ready to set in the sleeves on the blouse when I noticed that I wouldn’t be able to sew it on.  I wore the skirt on Sunday with a shirt that kind of worked with the outfit.

My mother-in-law had given me some fabric that I was going to work into a skirt but I had absolutely no luck with it.  Today at Walmart I found a great skirt pattern.  I realized I could sew her fabric into a kind of jacket top instead of a skirt and find some filmy stuff to match and make into this nice skirt.  So I will have two new Sunday outfits.  Both are with shorter sleeves.  But I will be able to make a long sleeve top to match the first outfit I am sewing and it will work in the winter as well.

I simply despise taking my children to the fabric store.  Today was a good day, they only knocked down 1/4 of a table of fabric.  The other day they were so close to knocking down one entire table.  There was one day that sticks out in my mind where my DS knocked down 3 tables of fabric bolts.  I didn’t return to that store for ages!  I try to hard to keep control of them, but lately the second my attention is absorbed, they zip off to play hide and seek.

Actually lately there have been so many behavioural issues with them.  I am ready at times to simply duct tape their mouths shut, their arms to their sides and put some sort of device on them so that they can only walk about 12 inches per step.

These things come and go in cycles, and I know that the last 3 weeks our normal version of a day has been scarce and that explains so much of their behaviour.  Plus the hubby and I are on the higher side of the stress equation dealing with housing issues.  But as one person pointed out to me once, Christ knew what he was getting into when he agreed to die on the cross and yet there was still a point where he asked if there could be another way.  I know why and can understand, but still, I wish there was another way!

Anyhow, the DH has left the farm and his computer is now available.  I shall go upload some picture of the interior of the house and edit them and then make a new entry!

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2 Responses to Pictures Coming Soon!

  1. We all have our days of maximum overload with the children. You and Dh are really stressed right now with all the house stuff & uncertainty. I can see & understand how it wouldn’t take much to push you both over the edge with attitudes & kid busyness! I can’t wait to see your photo’s! (((HUGS)))

  2. lovingewe says:

    Kids do play off your stress and excitement. You are vonerable right now. Things will calm down when you life is back to normal.

    Oh ya whats that again?

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