Seeing White


It is officially spring, I know because I checked the calendar.  The window this morning told me winter.  The drive to the drug store to get some cough syrup this morning through the blizzard and white out conditions told me winter.  But I checked the calendar and it really, truly is spring in this neck of the woods 😀

Actually, as long as I’ve lived here we’ve had a good snow storm in April.  But after that no more snow.  Yes, we’ll have some good frosty nights but! no more snow.  This being said, I am welcoming this snow.  Yes, I am going to be positive!!!

Today the cold that I have been battling for a few days has firmly settled into my lower lungs above my kidneys.  My children and I have been studying our anatomy book and we are aware of the location of a few major organs now.

This cold has left me with a productive hacking cough which really tires me out.  Last night I was up several times.  That was more related to the effects of coughing after having had a couple of births.

Naturally Number’s One and Two are quite alert and vibrant today.  Their mother has threatened a global nap hour but Numbers One and Two are convinced that mother’s authority doesn’t range that far!

I received word a little while ago that the financing for the house is in place.  That is great news!  Actually, since our first attempt, the interest rate has dropped.  This will potentially be a few thousand dollars of savings over time.

My husband has the opportunity to apply for a job on the production side of his line at work.  Currently he works on the packaging side of the Cool Whip/Whipping Creme line.  He is the last person in on the day and is required to run all the sterilization and cleaning on the machines.  He also does a long series of tests, mold counts and whole room fogging/sterilization.  This is one of the reason he works so many hours of overtime in a year.  Last year he worked over 700 hours of overtime.

The new position would see him being the last person to come on on the other side of Production.  There is a physical barrier between the making and the packaging side of things, so I am told.  During the day they make up to four batches of product.  Someone comes in earlier than 5 a.m. (so often DH will see the guy coming in) to get started making the day’s production.  That person will do a few batches, and then a second person will come in to make the rest.  The second person then does the cleaning and sterilization on the production side of the line.

Dh could potentially get this job.  You see, the company has signed a large contract with Kraft Canada to make all the Cool Whip in cans for North America.  This will triple the amount of work at the plant.  So they are installing all new equipment and increasing the hours that the new line will be in production daily.  This means DH’s current job will start at midnight.  So he really doesn’t want to stay in this position.

The new position would mean he works from noon or 1 pm till 9 or 10 p.m. at night with potential for overtime.  Likely not as much overtime.

But now Dh is saying that the cut in pay would require him to take on an extra job.  I really wish the man had more trust, but he doesn’t.

Anyhow… I wonder, did you make it through that lengthy post?

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One Response to Seeing White

  1. lovingewe says:

    Ah hu!

    Things always work out for the best. There is no use getting your knickers in a knot over something that hasn’t happened. I can’t think of anyone who has had to change their jobs, position, requirements, or pay difference and they always make it through the trouble.

    Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Smile!

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