Letting the Grass Grow?


Tuesday as house shopping day may become a thing of the past.  Today we looked in Cambridge at a few houses and then on to a house in Guelph.  We really liked the house in Guelph.  In our price range every house has a “special feature.”

This one had the special feature of a really funky way into a very… interesting basement.  You stood in the kitchen facing a bedroom via a little hallway.  Then you opened a door and lifted up the floor.  And voila!  some stairs.  Go down said stairs into the older basement.  That is where the laundry is located.  The stairs are quite… break neck however!

Anyhow that really intrigued my husband.

But there was some “traffic” on the house as we met a family leaving and one inside the house.  Dh liked the house so much that he actually said right in the house, “Let’s put in an offer now.”

He then wanted to go in high because he was worried about the other people putting in an offer.

We left the house and he went to work which was very close considering how long he normally drives.

At Clare’s office, he suggested to actually go in lower.  So I okayed this.  We asked for a response by 9:30 tonight.  We had one by 7 p.m.  The price was just a bit over what DH wanted the offer to be initially.  I managed to contact him at work, and we accepted the offer they made.

So there you have it.  I kind of have the feeling of jinx about me, and I don’t want to say it yet, but I think we bought a house!

Prayers please!  Now is time for the lawyers and such to do their jobs!

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4 Responses to Letting the Grass Grow?

  1. Elaine says:

    I’ll be praying that it works out for you if this is indeed the house that the Lord has for you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Praying that you finally found your home!!

  3. lovingewe says:

    I hope you like the house too though. Guelph is a little further from your folks.

    I laughed when you discribed the trap door. Must be an old house ( century old) At our house the original basement stairway would have off the original kitchen ( work area with no water or cookstove). It too has a trap door to the basement pantry area. With the changes over the years to the house and the addition of a summer kitchen in 1900 which is now a full kitchen and renovation to the old kitchen which is now a laundry room and off it a 2pc bathroom. You have to go through our downstairs bathroom, through a half size door then lift the trap to get to the basement.
    The normal way we get to the basement is through an addition of a mudroom off the back of the house and down a flight of cement steps, through barn like door. Voila basement! Would have been originally storm basement doors for stacking firewood. This Wizard of Oz. Dorothy didn’t make it down.

    certainally not a selling point of our house!


  4. I will be praying everything works out for you with the house, Birdy.

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