Its Hunting Season Again

Well our latest offer on the latest house came back marked “Rejected.”  According to our agent this is highly irregular.

I’d done lots of reading on buying houses, and one of the comments I’d read about Estate Sale Buying is that there are two kinds of Sellers in this kind of Realty.  Those who have an inflated opinion of their parent’s house or are wanting to milk the sale for all the $ they can get or those who just want to move on with their grieving and finish the sale.

Considering our Realtor said the house was over priced for the market and we offered a good value the first offer and actually did increase our value the second offer, I am going to assume that these were people of the first variety.

No Worries!  We were kind of expecting this given my instinct on the situation, and had a list of 7 more potential properties for our Agent to book for us when he called to give us the news.  I find it hilarious that I can say I have an instinct when it comes to Real Estate, but I am finding that I am actually sound in my opinions as per what I’ve read and the comments my Realtor has made when I’ve told him my opinions.

So I am simply thrilled to say that tomorrow the DH and I will be spending the third Tuesday in a row house shopping.  The truth is that this is an all day experience for the kids and I.  My mother is our ride home from the city, and she has had something planned for us each time.

Schooling went well for us today.  Since we had spontaneous school on Saturday and Sunday I decided that we won’t be taking any school work with us tomorrow.  Instead, I asked my mother to teach the children something art related.  She is the paid artist in the house and makes her living teaching painting.  She and I never worked together well as teacher student, but I think that the one generation gap will help the situation.

Today I was looking around at various things in the house and I kind of realized that I once again went through quite a slump in February.  Here it is April and I was looking through the house and asked myself why it was so hard a few months ago to keep the house looking like this!  Then I realized… February!

The sun is once again shining brightly, the skies are a delicious blue and the temperatures are cold but not frigid!  I’ve been getting out for a good hour daily and that makes a difference.

There are some negatives to having been born in Bangladesh and having spent the first 14 years of my life in the tropics!  Number one being that I simply loath the cold.  I will tolerate passing through it on the way to another building or vehicle, but I don’t go out walking or spending time in the cold.  And I notice that in those months when the weather is particularily cold, ex. February, I suffer!  Every year I think I will force myself to do something about it, but I don’t.

Anyhow.  I am tired.  It is ten p.m.  I shall read a little and then find my corner of my often child occupied bed.  Sigh, I’ve dreamed about duct taping the children to their own beds.  Simply because I don’t wake up when they join me.  I only notice when I wake up at 5:30 a.m. with a massive kink in my neck or back.  At that point I seldom fall asleep again, so it is no use sending them to their room to wake up the other sibling.

I keep repeating to myself… “This too shall come to pass.”

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4 Responses to Its Hunting Season Again

  1. I’m sorry the house didn’t go through. We will continue to pray that you will find the right house/price soon. **HUGS**

  2. Bekki says:

    I am the complete opposite. I loathe hot weather. So I understand the February slump thing. (Silly hot little month) I love long walks that leave my cheeks that slapped pink colour. I love being wrapped up in layers. I feel safe and warm and something about feeling safe and warms makes me feel loved and deeply content. I hate summer. We should probably trade lifestyles. Our winters would probably be mild and lovely to you.

  3. Elaine says:

    I’ll continue to pray that the right house presents itself to you and that all goes well.

  4. lovingewe says:

    Chin up, something will come you way it is will be better then your first house.

    Can relate to the February thing. I know from weight gain. This year other then what I had to do I too hibranated and did more knitting then anyone needs to know.

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