House Number the Next Try

Hello again!

I should be really bored with this process by now!

But of course I am not.  I sit here and think this whole intermediate via the Realtor thing is so stupid.  I just want to say, “Listen come up here to the farm, bring your people, I’ll bring mine.  Lets have a nice tea and coffee, some birthday cake, and talk!”

They sent back their offer, but hardly went down from the asking price.  Initially, when Clare dropped off our offer they told him that they had two families make a 3rd visit to the property that day.  So they were expecting an offer from them.  Well, nothing panned out that way.

It is my opinion these people don’t want to negotiate.  The house has been on the market for just over 2 months.  The market is hot, things are mooooving.  So, I thought maybe they would be willing to play ball.  But no, in my opinion.

Clare convinced me to give this one more shot.  I went up a bit from my initial offer, but we are going to be clear to them that this is a “play ball, or walk offer.”  We shall see what will come of this.  I am going to give Clare a cheque to show the family, so they can see we are serious.  We’ve got everything in place and if they want this resolved, it can be resolved.

My DH is very interesting.  He gave me the go ahead with the inital offer.  Not less than 30 minutes later he is on the internet telling me to come and look at this house, and that house.  I am thinking to myself, you are going to drive me insane man!  Why does he do this?

First it was, we are never moving.  Then it was, okay, only to Stratford.  That fell through and it was, okay lets go to Cambridge.  That lasted about 2 weeks, until we actually went looking in Cambridge.  Then it was I want to live in Kitchener.  His wife, aka me, said absolutely not.  His wife feels that if we are to pack up and move, we either move to the city in which he works, or to one to which I have familial ties.  Well, at the time he said, We will never live in Guelph.

Currently he is saying, “Since you forced me into Cambridge, would you at least be willing to look at Guelph.”  I have tried to be so flexible with all of his demands that I finally snapped and told him, Look mister!  When you got this job, on day one I said we should move to Guelph.  You said absolutely never!  I waited over 1 year for you to say that maybe we could move.  I tried to find a place for us in Stratford.  Then you said Cambridge and I found a place for us there.  Now you are saying Guelph but making it sound like I am to blame.  Would you like to push that statement any further?  Because I am not putting up with that!”

This wife can be patient but I HATE being made out as a bully and a liar!  Especially by my husband.  He doesn’t believe me, but he will often make me to be the excuse why we can’t do something.  In actuality it is his broad statements that put us in this spot!  I try very hard to follow what he says!

Anyhow, now that I have diatribed a bit!  I put in a counter-counter-offer.  I shall let you know how it goes.

And yes, it is “I” at this point.  With my Dh’s lovely schedule and his… non-presence, once again I am dealing with all of this stuff on “our” behalf!

This week was his 30th birthday.  I made him his favourite dinner.  He took it to work, as he accepted to go in early.  And he worked over time.  I arranged for his parents to come over on Saturday.  But he took a shift.  So Saturday I and the kids get to entertain his parents for dinner and we are to take them to Cambridge to see a few of the houses.  There is much to be said for my level of anticipation of spending the night with my in-laws in an unfamiliar city with our children in tow.  On Sunday, I have just been informed that I need to find a ride home from church as he has accepted a shift and can’t bring me home.  I think I will just take the taxi.

Tonight… I am just a wee bit fed up!

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One Response to House Number the Next Try

  1. lovingewe says:

    You will have to patient with this one. I am afraid a lot of husbands including mine gets like yours, and this is ( I think) because the first offer didn’t go thought and he thought it would. When my DH gets excited about something or has his mind on something he is what I call “spun”. When things don’t go as he anticipated he gets even worst.

    Hang in there it will all blow over. The main fact is he doesn’t know what he wants. Perhapes he had something in his head that just isn’t out there. You can relate to that. You go looking for high rise jeans and everything is low cut. You look all over for them and out of frustration give up. House hunting is a serious matter. Your whole family are going to live years in that house. You shouldn’t be buying just because its near your family or near your church it has to work for a few options. All those are just added bonuses.

    Of course in my mind Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge are like one big city. But they have differences I know. Kitchener is very nice but then my brother is a Proff and U of Waterloo and has a beautiful house in a beautiful parkland area..$$$$

    Personally I hate living in cities but do often see advantages.

    You have to think of the sellers point of view to. Budging on a price should have been a gap they allowed for. Not many get asking price. Can you think of any flaws in the house you can barter down on? Good bargining tools? Other then that just keep looking. the right house will come along……hopefully before you loose it.

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