Shopping leaves me tired!

This is perhaps an entry that the men shouldn’t read!  🙂

Yes, house hunting yesterday left me worn right out. Yesterday we went and looked at five of the houses that I picked off the internet.  I tried to pick based on things that the DH said he wanted.  He “liked” 3 of them.  But I have a feeling it was more of a, “well, this is what I said I wanted and so I am going to like them anyways!” kind of thing.

The last one we saw, he really, really liked.  I liked it too.  We might put in an offer on it this morning, I have some more financial things to look into regarding this before I can say for sure.

This house isn’t as close to his work.  But it is still in a good location for the kids and I, especially if we go with a Charlotte Mason style learning that I am seriously thinking about.  It is within walking distance of a skating arena, the river (but still uphill from the river), a grocery store, and several other stores, including my favourite discount store.

It is only 850 sq. feet.  And… a time warp.  Every square inch of wall, except the living room and bath room are wallpapered.  Cosmetically it looks off, but the wallpaper was put on “really” well, if you catch my drift.

It is a corner lot, and the house is more in the intersection, but the lot is over-sized for the area and… that is actually away from the intersection and a nice grassy square.  Obviously not of the size that we are used to, both inside and out, but manageable.  There is some question as to how the bedrooms would go best.  That isn’t a huge issue and will be addressed later on anyways.

Monday Evening I got to a support meeting of our local homeschool group.  It was nice to go to this.  It was the cirriculum meeting and I felt I learned a lot!  I also discovered that there are 3 of us in the group thinking of going with Charlotte Mason, and one who has been using her methods for 6 years.  That was really exciting for me!

Today I am babysitting again.  It is a nice amount of money, and it makes the DH happy.  Yesterday on the way to the Realtor’s Office we had a bit of a conversation.  He is struggling with having to grow up.  I don’t want to go into specifics, but he is going through a tough time.  I see that his parents have not done a good job with him, and I only say this, because I see the same with his other brothers as well.  This of course makes me fear directly for my son!  This is one of those trust and pray issues.

I struggle a lot with the what do I do question!  But yesterday he asked me some very direct questions about what I thought about his role, and I answered them.  I couldn’t have avoided the issue because the questions were so direct.  But I was sitting there thinking… what is this going to do?

So there you go, a bit of an up-date.  There is tons more I could write, but such is life!

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One Response to Shopping leaves me tired!

  1. lovingewe says:

    Welcome to manhood. They never leave the boy inside them. For my husband at 48 he play hockey sometimes 5 times a week and basketball. After 28 years of marriage I have given up on begging him to stop being a boy and start being a man. But have taken the easy route out and become a single mom sort-to- speak of with the kids. He is around for the important stuff but the hockey late at night makes him tired and not a 100% dad with the kids.

    Corner lot!!! Check the taxes- PLEASE. In some areas a corner lot is double taxes because of double faces of roads and sidewalks. I know in a near by town where this is the issue.

    Glad you were inspired by the homeschooling group. It helps when your thought really hit the heart and you know where you are now headed.

    Best wishes with DH. And take heart your son has you to change the family pattern.

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